6 Lies, 2 Truths. Let’s PLay (new v-daypost below)

OK, so everyone is doing the six lies two truths game… I figured I would get on the bandwagon since I have some time. Whoever guesses correctly will win a prize.

1) I had an imaginary friend as a child. Her name was Leona and had beautiful lone and straight hair. I always wanted hair like hers… which is why I think I imagined her as a friend.

2) I was one of the first people in my high school class to get a car. Because of this, I was like my friend’s personal taxi service. I told them that my nickname should be 555-Maya

3)My husband is a distant relative of mine. Not blood of course- but he is my cousin’s cousin (which means my uncle and his aunt got married).

4)My best friend franny had a heavy dislike for me when she met me. We were in the same high school class. I though she was cool, but she thought I was weird (pretty on target).

5)As a child I LOVED cats. I desperatly wanted one, but since my mom hated them she refused to let me have one. Every Saturday I would go out to the front yard and put out some type of mil product for the stray cats in the neighborhood.

6)I hate necklaces. I dont get why people where such long beaded things around their necks. If I ever wear them (which I rarely do) I feel as though I am being choked.

7) I got my period at the age of 15. Most of my friends had gotten theirs at 13, so I was anticipating it. The strange thing is, my boobs developed fairly quickly at age 11, yet my period only came 4 years later.

8) I love my great-grandmother (yes, she’s still around). As a child, I would spend my summers at her house- along with my grandmother and mother. It was great to be around her- she taught me how to make a traditional yemenite dish called jachnoon (a doughy/buttery bread) Yum!


6 thoughts on “6 Lies, 2 Truths. Let’s PLay (new v-daypost below)

  1. Keeping The Faith

    I’ll take a shot in the dark and guess that the last two (#7 and #8) are the truths.

    I hope night are going a little better for you. I had a really rough night last night and was thinking of you. Soooo couldn’t do this every night. I barely remember the first two months when it was like this regularly… it’s like magic…an eraser that takes away the bad memories so that you might have another child…otherwise everyone would stop after the first 🙂

  2. Stacie

    My guess is that the truths are #1 and #3. I can’t wait for the reveal to find out which was which!

    Happy V-Day to you!


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