Work and Constipation…yeah.

So it’s like this….

When I returned to work last week, my boss had mentioned that we had a new division at work. She casually mentioned that I should maybe get involved. Now, in my mind that meant maybe segwaying into a new division where I can finally have a REAL job (as opposed to being the EVP’s assistant). When I had interviewed for the position that I am currently in, I made it clear that being an assistant was temporary, and my boss loved it since she doesn’t like the type of assistants that have no other aspirations. Perfect.

So this morning when I came into work, I came across an email from the vp of that new division. She is based in Atlanta but will be in NYC next week. She wanted to find some time with my boss, and some time with me. Great I thought, maybe this could lead to something. When I asked my boss about it, she said that I may be able to help them out or put together media packets for them, etc… I had asked her how that would effect my current position, and she said it wouldn’t (that I could maybe do it in my downtime). Ok, so what I get from that is…. MORE WORK, SAME PAY, SAME POSITION.

Hmm… I mean, maybe she is trying to see how I would do in another area… and then might be able to promote me when positions become available for that division (currently only two people are in the group). I’m not crazy about that division, not exactly what I want to do, but maybe it is a platform where I can prove myself. I just don’t know if now is the time for me to take on more work- you know? I just came back from maternity leave and I get no sleep….but of course, you cannot say that to a EVP of a very powerful media company.

On a mommy note, my sweet Soleil cried non-stop last night from about 7pm-5am (with a few breaks in between) nothing could comfort her. Turns out I may have to switch her iron based formula neo.sure to the regular kind. She is stooling in a very painful way- and her stools are extremely hard (never seen such a thing!). So the Doctor said to switch out the formula and we’ll see what happens. It’s difficult when you try everything and cannot console your child. I want to make it stop, but I also cannot stand her screaming! She just cried non stop for hours!!!!!! I truly hope this formula does the trick- if not, I am investing in ear plugs (bad mommy!)

*By the way, how do you do a blogroll? I have been asked several times why I dont have one- I just dont know how to do it!

oh- and pardon my spelling. It has never been something that I am good at. My brother says I spell like a second grader, he’s right.


8 thoughts on “Work and Constipation…yeah.

  1. Topcat is fiery,

    Hey Maya!! Loook how big and beautiful you’re girls are growing, they’re amazing!!

    To do a blog roll, log in to your blog, click on customize, then go to page elements. You should come to the template of your own blog. Click on ‘add a page element’, and start adding your blogroll! You type in each persons blog name, and link it to their blog address. Let me know if any probs.

    I’m loving your new blog look, by the way. Lovely and cheery!


  2. Chas

    I wish I could explain how to do a blogroll in one comment. It’s not hard, but it has a few steps.

    Good luck with the job issue. I hope it all works out!! Oh, and even more, I hope Soleil’s constipation wanes a bit!

  3. Michell

    I love your new look too. I have tried though to go to that website (and others) to download templates and whenever I do it deletes my blog roll and I have to rebuild it. I was going to ask how you do it but I guess I never noticed that you don’t have a blogroll. Good luck with the job stuff and I hope that the new formula helps Soleil feel better.

  4. Kirsten

    Best of luck with the work situation; surely they see that you are dedicated and ambitious so hopefully you’ll get where you want to be soon (and with a nice raise to go with it!)
    Constipation SUCKS. We finally had to give the girls their vitamins every other day instead of every day because it was stopping them up so bad. They still go through little spells of it. And, yes, they are quite a site sometimes. Especially when you can feel what seems to be a rock in their diaper!!

  5. K J and the kids

    Good luck with the job and the pooping. Getting things just right in the tummy department is the HARDEST adjustment I think.

    Forget blogroll…..sign up for free to bloglines. It’s simple, you add your blogs and it tells you when people update 🙂
    Makes life so easy.

  6. es

    My sister suggested that when the babies cry, plug yourself into an ipod. That way, you can console them without going crazy yourself- and extra bonus- you get a whole lot of songs to sing to them!


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