where is the spellcheck?

Ok- we have come to some type of sleeping arrangement!

My husband comes home about 2-3pm. My mom said that she doesnt mind letting him sleep for 2 hours, before she goes home.

I get home at about 6:30pm. I will sleep from 7pm-11pm, while hubby watches them. Then I wake up from 11pm-3am while he sleeps. He then awakes at 3am, and lets me sleep until 5am right before he leaves for work. That way, we each have about 6 hours of sleep a night- although it isnt in a row. Who cares, at least we can finally function! We tried this out last night and it was fine!

I think we will be able to somewhat manage this way.

I love being back at work. I love getting dressed and interacting with people. It does hurt me to leave them for almost 12 hours a day, but what can I do?

Everyone has asked me if I was able to take off more time from work. I cant really. My maternity leave ended in January, and my boss was kind enough to let me have another 4 weeks. I cant push my luck. I love this company, and I need to show that this job is important to me.

So all in all, I am glad that we have some sort of sanity.

Can I tell you something truly amazing?

January of last year, redbook had a series on infertility diarys. At the time, I too was struggling with if, and when I read the articles, I would cry. I decided to write a letter to them to thank them for putting those stories out. Well, they published my letter in the next issue. This past sunday while I was at my hairdresser, guess which magazine issue was out? Yup..

I opened it up, read my letter and started to cry. I have come a long way and I thank GD for my daughters every day.

BTW- No one ever told me your feet change during pregnancy. I was a 7 1/2 shoe size, now I am about an 8 or 8 1/2. Almost all of my shoes do not fit!

Oh, and another thing… did you hear jennifer lopez is pregnant with twins? It’s so funny how her dad confirmed it, and said “well, twins run in my family”… umm, anyone who has twins knows that it has nothing to do with a woman’s paternal side (wether she has fraternal twins or not). I mean, why cant they just admit that they had ivf? Why is it so taboo?


5 thoughts on “where is the spellcheck?

  1. Furrow

    I’m glad you’ve figured out something that will let you both sleep! It’s absolutely impossible to function on none, especially back at work.

    I go back in 3 weeks, and I completely understand your excitement at returning. I’ll miss my girl terribly, but I, too, need the adult interaction.

  2. singletracey

    Seriously.. I thought the same thing about Jennifer Lopez… why try and pull our some excuse like it runs in the family.. STUPID! We all know she had IVF… or at least some form of ART.. but my money is on IVF.. instead of keeping it some secret, she should come out and be a face for IF!

    Glad the sleeping situation is figured out.. 🙂

  3. Michell

    Wow, that sleep schedule sounds great and crazy. I’m hoping if I ever have a baby I learn to fall asleep quickly. I’m glad though that this is working out well for you and hope it continues to. As far as J Lo, I don’t really pay much attention to the whole thing but you’re right, if she has used ART in some form IVF or whatever, why not say so. Why not help others out by admitting it.

  4. Anns

    Love the new sleeping arrangement – kudos to your honey for pulling his weight too – you have a good man there.

    I can’t believe how long it has taken JLo to admit that she is pregnant with twins – I mean, she’s the size of a HOUSE, there’s NO WAY there was only one in there. It’s sad that hollywood won’t use the platform the are provided to help lessen the “stigma” that’s been placed on IVF.

    Now, when do you think Brad and Angie will face the music?

  5. Malky B.

    Jlo definitely had IVF done – I have inside info about that. I thought the exact same thing about her father’s stupid comment. Yeah, how about put back at least two embryos. Could that have done it too!!!


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