So my mom took Soleil for the night since my husband is working tomorrow morning and she knew that I would not get a wink of sleep with the two. Although I dont really get along too well with my mother, she has been really great helping out with the girls- I must admit. Sometimes I will call her at 7am after not having slept a wink all night and she will be in my apartment by 8am, sending me off to bed. She loves them so much and it is so good to know that she will be taking care of them when I go back to work on Feb 4th. I just cannot wiat until they sleep through the night.

So I went clothes shopping on friday. Let me tell you- not fun. I am large. Apparently I am larger than I thought. That makes me sad. I only found about 4 blouses for work. Not sure what to do. I cant wait to get into some sort of routine when I go back to work so that I can go back to my healthy habits and start dropping some weight. Ugh I hate the way I look now. Thank GD that I have time to worry about that- I mean as long as my girls are healthy- I am happy.


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  1. Chas

    The weight will come off, don’t worry. Give yourself a few more months and you’ll be back to normal if you give it a little effort. Just think about it…once you’re able to get out and get moving those pounds will slip away.

    It’s amazing how much grandparents can help sometimes. I think it’s pretty common for some women to be better grandmas that they were mothers. I’m so glad your mom is helping you out so much!!

  2. K J and the kids

    Glad your mom has come through for you.

    I TOTALLY get the weight thing. Hopefully it will all come off for you. It never did with me and my body changed. It has never been the same since having my kids.
    I do have friends who’s bodies are the same. (I hate those friends 🙂


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