what a day

Yesterday I took the girls to the eye doctor. The way he held their eyes open- broke my heart. They were going crazy. I had to hold their little bodies and hands down while he held their eyes open with some metal contraption. Their eyes have not fully developed yet since they are preemies and says that it should be 40 weeks- which is 2.5 weeks away. He said since they are preemies they have a higher risk of having eye problems- needing glasses, being cross eyes, etc… hopefully they will be ok.

We then went to my parent’s house for a while and came back home. Neve seemed to have tummy aches so we gave her some anti-gas drops. I don’t know if that was a good idea, because she would not stop stooling for some time and even threw up. And of course this happens on New years- when no doctor is working. I mean, it does not seem as though it is an emergency- so I have not left my pediatrician a message (he states in his voicemail to only leave a message if it is urgent. Neve has no fever, and has not vomited or stooled in 3 hours, so I will just keep checking to see if she has wet diapers (to make sure she is not dehydrated- thanks dr. google). But she seems to be in pain- so that kills me especially since she is not a real cryer. She suffers in silence, unlike her sister. Neve is so sweet and dainty, that when she is in pain it just kills me. I guess being a mom will worry you to no end.
So happy new year to one and all!
I cannot believe it is 2008. Last year today me and my husband were on vacation in Israel- and it was horrible! It was freezing and non stop rain. I also got into a car accident (my first) with our rental car. I scratched it up (luckily we took it to a guy my husband knew and he fixed it like new- instead of paying a huge penalty!). I also remember how lost in my thoughts I was at the time- how everyone there (my entire family) was asking if I was planning on having a baby soon (as if I were in control of that). This was after a year of ttc to no avail- of course no one knew.
One year later- as I am typing this blog , I watch my two daughters sleep in their swings. It is amazing what a year can bring. I had a happy and tough 2007.
In February I stepped foot into the fertility clinic feeling scared and unsure if I could ever get pregnant. In March I started bcp’s. April I had my retrieval. May my transfer and then finding out I was pregnant! In June we found out it was twins- we could not believe how GD shined down on us. Of course, GD giveth and GD taketh away- we lost my amazing one of a kind grandmother to cancer. She did know about the twins though. July, August, September enjoyed being pregnant and finally knowing what it was like to have a human life growing inside. It was the most surreal experience ever. Something that is so natural and a woman’s GD given right is taken for granted by so many women.
October I was hospitalized- scared what may happen. November my girls came early. December- they are home by my side.

This was not an easy year, but I thank GD for it.


6 thoughts on “what a day

  1. K J and the kids

    What a rollercoaster ! I’m glad you got on the ride 🙂 it’s one that you can say TOTALLY worth it in the end right !? 🙂
    Happy New Year !

  2. Chas

    What a year! I’m sure it’s easily been the most eventful time in your life. The photo montage was great! I hadn’t seen a lot of those pictures!!

  3. The Dunn Family

    Happy New Year to you all! You’re montage was beautiful! It is amazing the difference a year can make. Last new years eve I was about 20 weeks pregnant, still sick, and scared to death that I wasn’t going to be able to maintain my pregnancy. My husband had the chicken pox. This year we left our 9 month old twins home with Grandma while we went out and celebrated!

  4. Kerry Lynn

    What a year for you! It’s amazing to think that in them time my kids have been alive you created two more lives. I don’t feel like mine are old enough for that to have happened but time just keeps slipping away.
    Beautiful montage.

  5. Anns

    It’s so scary to see them with all those cords attached, so I’m happy to see they’ve made it through well. I especially love the pics of them in the bath with their fatty little tummys. Too sweet!


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