Guess who’s home?


12 thoughts on “Guess who’s home?

  1. Michell

    Well that’s a heck of a Christmas present. Congrats mom and dad on having both of your beautiful babies home today. Merry Christmas.

  2. The Dunn Family

    I am just SO happy to read that! They are so so beautiful! Congrats on having your whole family home with you! Now let the fun begin!

  3. K J and the kids

    And even though you are Jewish..what a wonderful Christmas present. Or something like that. 🙂
    They’ll be bringing in the New Year any ways.
    Beautiful girls.

  4. Stacie

    Yea! Great news. I am happy you are all together! (totally jealous, but I know we are almost there, too!) 🙂

    Enjoy your wonderful babies, Maya! I can’t imagine a better gift!

  5. Kerry Lynn

    How are feedings going?
    They should be able to sleep in the same crib for a good 3 months if not more. That’s how long ours were.


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