3 Weeks 1 Day

Today there will be a long post- hey, I’ve got nothing but time.

So I had two minor contractions yesterday but my Doctor said that since I didn’t feel them (they were picked up by the Doppler) they were probably Braxton Hicks. Of course every little ache and pain freaks me out and causes me to sweat and worry.

This morning, I awoke to my mother. She came to visit me and acted as if nothing happened last week. I remind you that she stormed out on Wednesday cursing me out and saying she would not return. This is after she spilled a cup of water on the table wetting my cell phone, blackberry and new laptop. Now instead of apologizing she blamed me for not having finished the water in my cup. Yes, I’m serious. That is how she has always been, since I was a child.

So anyway, she walks in and acts like nothing happened. She brought me new PJ’s, and food. She has also been knitting me baby blankets and showed me her first completed one. It was adorable. I shrugged off the last incident because what else was I to do?

When my mother was in Israel months ago- before my grandmother passed away, her and my aunt went to a medium. They had heard great things about her. They told the medium that their mother was sick but did not elaborate. The medium opened her deck of cards, asked for my grandmother’s name and immediately said that she had pancreatic cancer and would pass away soon. That was my grandmother’s ailment. She went on and said that she would pass away when there would be a pregnancy in the family and that pg would produce a girl (I’m the only pregnancy in the family).
So my mother suggested that maybe we should call the medium over the phone from the US. I’m up for anything. It doesn’t hurt. We called her and she told me to ask 3 questions, she asked for my birthday and my name and my mother’s name and said to call her back in a few minutes. I asked about my babies/current situation, my husband, and my work.

I called her back and she started listing my personality traits- which were all dead on, but of course I wasn’t convinced yet… that is until she said: “I see that this pregnancy was not natural- did you have invitro?”

Yes. She said that. My mouth dropped. I mean how would she come to that seeing as though I am only 26?

She said that a few weeks ago I was at risk of losing them but the danger is now over. She said that they will either be born either two weeks before December 19th or 2 weeks after. This means that I will at least get to 34 weeks. She also said that I will remain on hospital bed rest and that the birth would be a c-section. I asked if they would be healthy and she said yes. But then she said this:

“I know you said you are having two girls, but I see a boy”.

Whoa…. a boy?

I told her that couldn’t be right since I had a sonogram that confirmed two girls. She said that she sees a boy, but if there are two girls one will be very rowdy. She also said that motherhood would do such good for me and that I will be a great mother. It was nice to hear these things. These weeks in the hospital with a big question mark above my head have been driving me crazy.

A few nights ago I had a dream about said grandmother. I was in her house and she was cleaning (which is what she always did). Now, in my dream I asked myself why she was still in the house when her soul should have passed on. I made a mental note (in my dream) not to talk to her because I didn’t want to encourage her to stay.

When we were talking to the medium, my mother asked about my grandmother. The medium said that her soul has not yet passed on and she it still in her home- because she hasn’t fully grasped what had happened to her. The thing is, no one told her that she was dying. They felt that it was better she not know. The medium said her soul should be passing on within the next few months.
So I pretty much had chills, because she pretty much reiterated the dream that I had. Wow.

The medium said a lot of things about my husband that were dead on as well… so overall it was all great to hear. I mean I can take it with a grain of salt, but I am keeping it in my heart and hoping that it’s true. That’s all I have right now- hope.

Anyway my mother and I didn’t fight today- which is a huge step for us.

Later on after she left, my husband arrived and we had a nice 20 minutes cuddling before two of my friends showed up unexpectedly with none other than pizza. That was so nice of them! This whole day was actually really nice. I’m feeling relaxed… as if maybe after all it will be OK?


8 thoughts on “3 Weeks 1 Day

  1. Nearlydawn

    So, when are you going to give out this psychic’s contact info? 🙂 Sounds like I should give her a call…

  2. es

    Psychics scare me. I’m not sure how much to believe in them or not, but it’s scary that she was so right on so many things!

    Hang in there!

  3. my two cents

    So glad you had a good day! I think you did the right thing shaking off the last visit with you mother. It is a real skill, and one that you’ll need over and over again after the babies are born, to be able to bounce back and forgive and just move on. You are a very big person for doing this. I think the medium story is very intresting, and, by the way, you are already a great mother – don’t forget that! Hope tomorrow is a good day, too.

  4. K J and the kids

    I want to talk to this medium 🙂
    SOOOOO basically instead of watching Oprah…you are calling Latoya Jackson on the psychic network. 🙂
    Does your husband know about this.

    I’m so glad your mom came back !!

  5. Malky B.

    So interesting about her thinking one was a boy. Didn’t your grandmother and another psychic say the same thing? Sonograms have been wrong before, maybe you are having one of each. Wouldn’t that be something.

  6. wanting4

    the only thing I could think about was PIZZA??? From New York??? Ohhh i’d do just about anything for a slice of that! They don’t even have bagels here and FORGET about Boarshead cold cuts let alone pizza. SIGH… i’ll just have to hope I win the lottery and then I can fly some in like Madonna!

  7. Rainbowfude

    Hi – found your blog via link on Sugar and Ice. I find your experience with the medium really interesting. I saw one some years ago – and before that a few times over the last few years – and it is incredible how much they get right. I’ll never forget the first time I sat down in front of her, she took one look at me, and said, “wow, you have issues with your father” – the day before I had had the biggest fight ever with my dad – where I told him exactly what I thought of him – and basically just laid out all my problems – and it was left unresolved. I just couldn’t believe that this woman could see/hear this within seconds of sitting with me – even before she’d asked my name. Sure, a lot of women could have issues with their dad, but for her to pick it up like that blew me away. Good luck with your pregnancy by the way – I’m pregnant with my second child right now – just over 15 weeks. Hope everything goes well!

  8. Rainbowfude

    I forgot to add – my relationship with my mom is similar – she would have done exactly as yours did, and instead of apologising, blame me for being ‘messy’. I also find just letting it blow over works for me 🙂


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