Hospital: Day 19

First of all: Thank You all so much for your advice and comments. Many of you help me in ways you never know.

I had mini nervous breakdowns the past few days. I don’t know what it was, it was just horrible. I feel like I’m in prison with no privacy.
Doctor #2 from my practice came in today to talk to me today.
He pretty much gave me the facts:
1. They will not discharge me, if I choose to I have to sign myself out against medical advice. It pretty much means that they wont discharge me because if something goes wrong, I can sue them.
2. He said that he doesn’t think anything will happen if I go home, but he cant guarantee that something wont happen either. He said that if my water broke at home, I could deliver right away- a foot might come out. Wow- I did not know that.
That alone scared the sh*t out of me. I wont leave.
But you know what killed me? As he was getting up to leave he said “Go watch Oprah”-to get my mind off of the situation. I could not believe my ears! First of all it was 12pm, and Oprah only comes on at 4pm- but that is not the point. It was like he was brushing me off, plus it was a little sexist in my opinion.
I looked at him and said “Go watch Oprah? What does that have to do with anything? ” He said it didn’t mean anything, just to watch TV and get my mind off of things. He didn’t think I was going to react to that comment. He has no idea who he’s dealing with.
I cant wait when my Doctor returns from vacation on Tuesday. He is great and wouldn’t tell me to “Go watch Oprah”.
My stretch marks are spreading and getting itchier. My husband went out to buy me some cocoa butter, I wonder if it’ll work.
And although I know that this is very hard, I am thankful that I have reached 28 weeks. I just tend to cry when my husband goes home. It’s hard to be here without him. He runs back and forth between work, school and the hospital. He is running on empty but he is such a trooper. He is amazing and I don’t know how he does it. When I ask, he says “Well that’s my job”. How awesome is he?
My friend’s do come by on occasion and try to lighten my mood. My mother did too until our crazy fight yesterday. It ended with her storming out of my hospital room vowing to not return- and you know what, it made me happy! That woman drives me insane and stresses me out. I don’t really get along with her and I don’t think I ever will. Its sad but it is what it is.
So anyway, I will keep on trucking and hope to GD that these girls stay in.

10 thoughts on “Hospital: Day 19

  1. Chas

    I’m so glad you’ve decided to stay in the hospital! That comment about the foot would have made me stay for sure as well.

    I’m sorry to hear about the fight w/ your mom, but if she makes things harder then it’s probably best not to deal w/ her right now.

  2. The Dunn Family

    I had previously (1 year before I got pregnant) had a perforated ulcer which required emergency surgery. The doc told me if they hadn’t caught the ulcer when they did, I could have died. Great. So when I was 22 weeks along, I had HORRIBLE stomach pains, similar to when I had the ulcer. My husband rushed me to the ER, and the docs didn’t really want to run any of the tests to check my stomach because they aren’t good to do during pregnancy. So they wanted me to stay overnight for observation. I was ok, especially when they told me the babies were fine, but as soon as they brought me to my room and my husband was about to leave, I lost it. I couldn’t stop crying. And your post reminded me of that. And I was there ONE night. This long comment was basically my way of saying I can’t even imagine how hard this is for you. And I know you know it will all be worth it in the end. Doesn’t really help you right now. I hope our support can help you get through the day, even if it just helps a little bit!


  3. Malky B.

    I’m glad your handling things a bit better. Sorry your mom’s not being more helpful. I think Doc comment was a bit annoying too – his wife probably watches Oprah or something. He should at least know when it’s on – right. I guess it’s a little better than saying go watch some soaps although that would be more accurate for 12:00 pm.

  4. my two cents

    Glad you are having a better day! It is okay to cry when your husband leaves (there will be days after your girls are born when you will cry when he leave, too!) it is hard to be alone, and yet without any privacy. Don’t underestimate the effects of two things: hormones and the full moon. With two girls on the way, keep that in mind…it often helps me remember to be patient with my daughter. This is a full moon week. Twenty-eight weeks is a BIG milestone: CONGRATULATIONS!!! Doctors do tend to say thoughtless things, I don’t know why. You would think that a good course offering on bed-side manner would be part of their education. If it is, some obviously didn’t think it was as important as other subjects, and if it isn’t I bet a lot of patients out there could teach a very good course on the subject. I read an interesting article in the LA Times a couple of months ago about a med student who was diagnosed with cancer and has taken a break from his education during treatment. One of the biggest things stressed in the article was how much he was learning by being a patient, rather than a student. I’ll try to drop in regularly to leave comments because even if I am a bit wordy, I hope I am more interesting than, say, Oprah.

  5. wanting4

    hey Honey, you should have told him “ok and you go play golf! What does that mean? Nothing, just go forget all my stupid crap and get your mind off of me!” Asshole! I was thinking about the time I spent a couple of weeks in the hosp. for an allergic reaction and maybe you could put a big sign on the door Do Not Disturb for the morning hours youre sleeping. Not that it’ll stop the idiot nurses who make up for their lack of pay by having massive power trips, but maybe the garbage guy and the rest. just a thought.I have you on my mind and in my thoughts…with much New York love Suzanne

  6. Mony

    While I was in hospital the girl opposite me went into labour at 26 weeks & her son’s foot came out. So they are not just using scare tactics!
    hang in the sweetie.
    You know every day inside of you is precious for the girls xxx

  7. K J and the kids

    28 weeks girl !
    you are AWESOME !
    I need you to tell me…are you dilating or just thinning ?

    My babies were going to fall out as I was dilated to a FIVE !!! I was home and then induced to get them out. The doctors jobs are just to take precautions…don’t let them push you around. You just keep doing what you are doing to keep them in.
    Oh and watch Oprah. Sometimes she has some good shit on 🙂 ha ha
    I got to watch the ENTIRE season of Judging Amy. I have to say…yes…I was PISSED that they ended the episode when they did. I called my mom in an OUTRAGE. “WHAT ? THEY CANCELLED JUDGING AMY!!!”
    “K…they did that last year…you have been watching reruns”
    STILL ! that was a GREAT show 🙂 ha ha

    Keep up the good work. laugh. whenever you can !

  8. Anns

    Oh wow honey, I’ve missed soooo much!
    Oddly though I’m sorry to hear that you’re stuck in the hospital I’m also happy to hear that since it’s better than have something horrible happen.

    As far as the whole go watch Oprah thing, that Doctor is a tool and obviously dosn’t realize how tough it must be for you, a clearly active person, to now be bed-ridden and worried about the upcoming days. I hope your Doc gets back soon….

    Will keep an eye on you.
    Anns xo


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