Hospital: Day 13

Its the little things that make us happy.

You know what makes me happy? These new red stretch marks on my belly. I had only a few white faint lines up until now. Last week I developed a few red stretch marks. This means that my belly is growing. This means that my tummy has grown since I got here- another two weeks in my belly. That is positive.

One of my doctors came in today and I am thankful when there really isn’t anything to say. Everything is still stable thank G-D. He said that we have mini goals:

The first: To reach 28 weeks
The second: 32 weeks
The third: 34 weeks

So I have to look at the goal ahead of me. If all goes well, I will be a mother within 7 weeks.
Being immobile makes me feel like a hen, sitting and waiting for her egg to hatch. If I was out and about not on bed rest ,the time would just pass by quickly.

I have a need to nest and cant do anything about it. My apt is still unorganized and in boxes. I was only in my new apt for 6 days before I had to be hospitalized. My husband doesn’t have time to organize as he comes directly to the hospital after school or work. But you know what- who cares? As long as my girls are in my tummy nothing else matters.


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