Pre-Term Labor

Where am I you may ask? I am in the hospital- and where I have to stay for the next 6 weeks.

You have no idea what I have been through.

Saturday 10/6 was my husband’s birthday. During the day we fixed up our apt a bit then went out with my parents for dinner at a Thai restaurant. That night I felt crampy but choked it up to the Thai food.

Sunday morning 10/7 (worst day of my life) I awoke and still had cramps. They didn’t hurt but a nagging sense told me to go get checked out. Since my doctor doesn’t work Sundays, there is always someone from his practice on call at the hospital. The doctor called me back and told me to come in as a precaution.

We drove in and waited for two hours for the doctor (all the while I was being monitored). None of the nurses let on that there was a problem so we thought that when the doctor returned from labor and delivery she would discharge me. When she finally came by she said I wasn’t going anywhere- apparently I was in pre-term labor, was contracting and had dilated 1.5 centimeters. It was as if I was in a nightmare. They rushed me to the labor and delivery emergency room and then everything became a haze. They hooked me up to a contraction machine and I did not stop contracting for several hours. I was also hooked up to an iv that was pumping magnesium at the highest level. They connected a catheter to me and would not allow me to get up. A neonatal doctor came by and spoke to us about what would happen if the babies were to be born at 25 weeks- not good. 40% viability and if they were viable, there health would be horrible. I could not stop crying. It was bad. It was horrible. At that moment I truly felt like a mother- I worried so much for my babies. They gave me a steroid shot to speed up lung development just in case they had to be born. I couldn’t sleep that night.

That morning the contractions had stopped although I was still immobile. I had stopped dilating as well- although a rescue cerclage was brought up. Thank GD I stabilized and was not in need of it. On Tuesday night they moved me to the maternity ward and showed me to my room. This is where I will be staying until I am at least 32 weeks.

I have not had any contractions since 10/7 and am on strict hospital bed rest- although they do allow me to go to the restroom and take a shower. I have a private room which is good and a private bathroom. The nurses come in a lot and put me on the contraction machine and heartbeat monitors every 8 hours for an hour at a time. They take my vitals and give me meds. I just thank GD that everything is stable.

My doctor said that he wants me here until I am 32 weeks which is about 6 weeks from now. Yeah, I am slowly going crazy here but its for a good cause. I watch television and read. My husband bought a laptop and it took a few days of troubleshooting the blue tooth software but we just got it to work so at least I have some sort of contact with the outside world.

My husband has been amazing. I have no words. He is here every day, brings me what I need and takes care of me. When I was confined to the bed he would help me use a bedpan and would then have to measure the amount of fluid that came out of me. He is amazing. I am in awe of his love every day.

So that’s it for now. Its just me and this hospital room- but I am thankful. I am thankful my daughters are still in -utero where they are safe, at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.


11 thoughts on “Pre-Term Labor

  1. Malky B.

    I was worried about you when you hadn’t posted in 10 days. So sorry your going through this but glad to know that things have stabalized. Glad you have a computer now to help you cope with the boredom. May things continue to be boring for at least 6 more weeks.

  2. Stacie

    Goodness Maya, it is scary how close things are going for us…I am sending you prayers and loads of support as you go through all of this.

    I went to labor and delivery on Wednesday morning. I woke up feeling as if I had to go to the restroom NOW, but didn’t make it the 10 or so steps from my bed to the bathroom before I started to gush. Scared as I was, I tried to tell myself that it was incontinence or something, but I couldn’t get the fluid to stop coming. I called my husband and then the doctor and was told to go on in.

    Scared isn’t anywhere near an acurate word to describe how I was feeling. My belly looked and felt different. My right side sorrt of deflated. And the fluid still wouldn’t stop.

    Got to l and d and was told that I had lost fluid for baby a (although it seemed like there was still sufficient fluid left), I was contracting (which I didn’t know) and the only thing they thought was keeping the babies in was my cerclage.

    They gave me steroids, terbutaline, iv, antibioics, and I was hooked to the monitors for 48 hours straight. My contactions stopped relatively soon after the terb shot thankfully. They did allow me to come back home on Saturday–back to bedrest.

    The thought is that I had a tear in the sac which may have healed over to stop the amniotic fluid loss. However, I am still on heavy duty antibiotics (every four hours) just in case an infection tries to set in. I still leak something (not sure if it is fluid or urine) all the time, but the babies are looking okay so far.

    I too got that scary speach about the odds if I delivered early. We both will wait until at least 32 weeks. I have decided that for both of us.

    Scary as heck to go through this…we’ll make it together, okay?

  3. Furrow

    Oh, wow. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I can imagine how terrifying it has been for you. I’m glad things have stabilized. Stay put, babies!

  4. K J and the kids

    You are going to be fine. Those babies are going to be fine.
    I’m SOOO sorry you are stuck at the hospital. Will they let you out early for strict bed rest if the contractions stop.

    DON’T you HATE that magnesium shit. UGH. I thought I was going to die….my eyeballs felt like they were on fire.

    you are in good hands.
    EAT EAT EAT ! put some weight on those girls.

    Can’t wait to hear what’s on TV 🙂 ha ha

  5. lori

    what a scary couple weeks you’ve had. i am wishing you “good” boredom and for the kiddos to stay put as long as they can to be as healthy as they can.

    your husband rocks!


  6. Kirsten

    I was so worried, too!! I know that was so scary for you but each day you are there is doing so much for your little girls. The steroid shots work wonders, too. And I know that 32 weeks probably seems a little scary, too, but I hope you will look to my little 32-weekers for inspiration.
    I am so glad you have such a wonderful husband to take care of you and the girls. Six weeks seems like a long time but you are in the right place, doing the right thing and the girls are safe as can be.
    Keeping you all in my prayers!!

  7. Erin

    Wow, how scary. I will be thinking about you! Hopefully this time won’t seem too long. Just know you’re doing everything you can for those babies!!

  8. Bean

    Good luck. Hope the computer helps. I was on bedrest for 10 days prior to my daughter’s birth at 32 weeks and I wasn’t even allowed to get up for showers or bathroom breaks! Anyway, I too had magnesium and I’ll never forget how horrible it made me feel, but thank gd for it – it gave us an extra 10 days and time for the steriods. Anyway, I feel for you and I”ll be thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed that those babies stay tucked in nice and safe!

  9. Chas

    Oh my goodness! I am so sorry you are having to go through all of this! Every day counts right now, and you are doing all the right things. You are a great mom already, and I know you’re girls are going to be just fine.


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