I had my glucose test yesterday- and it wasn’t bad at all. I drank the orange liquid in about a minute. I get the results next week. Later I had my sono done.

Both girls are face down, and measure and weigh exactly the same. Weight is about 1 lb 10 ounces, and both measure precisely 24 weeks, 4 days.

They seem to be doing fine in there.

I gained all together 31 pounds (12 just this past month) and my doctor said that was normal. I’m thinking that I will probably have gained 60 pounds after all is said and done. Not too bad. I told my doctor about my pelvic pain and my feet. He said it was very normal and that he would be surprised if I can keep working until my 8th month and said that when I’m ready he will give me a letter stating that I am in a twin pregnancy with pelvic pain (to give to HR) so that I will be granted STD. So I’m figuring I will probably be on bed rest as of Thanksgiving. I can only keep sitting at a desk for 9 hours for just so long (don’t forget the two hour subway ride to and from work). 11 hours total. A day. This is a lot for me.

He also said that it’s going to get A LOT harder and then said “Don’t be surprised if you walk down the street and feel a stream of urine down your leg”. What? Ive never heard that can happen. I mean it happens to me when I sneeze now, but just randomly? Whoa. That would not be great at work.

My poor, tired, husband sat there (don’t forget he moved our entire apt the day before- and then awoke at 3:45am to go to work) and looked at me with pity in his eyes. He knows that physically I am not doing well. My body is doing all sorts of weird things. For example, I never ever had any odor from my feet, or when I go to the bathroom (I know TMI) but apparently that has now changed.

My pregnancy brain has also kicked in. At work I feel it the most. I forget things often and then try to reach in my memory banks to remember. If my boss asks me something on the spot, most of the time I am pretty sure I can recall the answer- so I answer. Then when I go back to my desk to research, I realize that I was wrong- and then I have to go and tell her. I just feel like I am not on top of my game and I feel bad about it. I know that its natural, but I am usually very professional and know what I’m doing, and I feel that it is affecting my work poorly. I know that next time when she asks, I have to tell her that I will get back to her on that- before I answer something that is wrong.

A friend from work is going to throw me a baby shower. I am very excited about it. She only told me about it because she needed to know who to invite from my new group (since I changed groups when I changed positions in may). So I told her who to contact in my group about it.. I guess it will be happening sometime in November (Since I may need to go on bed rest at the end of November). Since I’m registered I hope I do get a few things off my list. There are so many things to buy, I’m not even sure where to begin.

My best friend is also going to throw me a shower. Its nice to be celebrated by your peers. On Saturday night when I went out to a friend’s birthday, the birthday girl, my best friend, and my best friend growing up all kissed my stomach as I was leaving. It’s weird to be kissed on my stomach. I would never kiss someone elses stomach- no matter how close we were. When I told my mom, she said that it just means that my friends love me and love these babies. They are so excited about the girls since this is the first pregnancy within this group of friends- they say that my daughters will be their nieces. How sweet? Of course then they go ahead and make fun of my name choices for them and say that I shouldn’t do that to the girls. I don’t care, I am still sticking to my names.


5 thoughts on “

  1. K J and the kids

    NEVER let anyone make you feel bad about the names!!!
    I love them.

    The shower sounds fun!
    I can’t believe it’s time to do shower stuff !

  2. topcat

    Mate I LOVE your names!!! LOVE them so much. Phooey to those who can’t even pretend to be polite about them.

    Wow. It must be absolutely full on to have twins in there, I can’t imagine. Bravo to you – you’re doing great. xo

  3. Nearlydawn

    I have a suggestion about the potential “urine issue” you mentioned…

    If you aren’t already, start wearing the lightest weight Poise pads. They are sold in the same isle as the Depends, but they are the same thickness/weight as a pantyliner. They are SUPER absorbent – way more than a regualar pantyliner.

    Trust me – this is the way to go. DON’T ask how I know… LOL


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