Hey all- I have not blogged in almost a week which is a new record for me.

I had a very busy week at work last week, and yesterday we finally moved. It was a long day.

So we finally got the green light to move in and I received the keys on Friday night. Since my hubby works Saturdays and Saturday night we went out for a friends bday (at a very fancy steak restaraunt- I had steak for the first time in 12 years, since I dont like beef), we only had Sunday to get things done. We hired two movers and moved it all in 8 hours. Now mind you, we moved from the third floor to the first floor- same building!

But it all came together at the end. The apartment looks great, putting aside the bathroom of course. I didn’t do much with regards to the moving- I physically could not do anything. My mom came by in the morning and stayed the entire time, cleaning an helping us move. It was really nice of her. Of course she did drive me crazy and drove me to tears- but hey, she helped.

So we have nothing left in our old apartment- it’s barren, deserted. It was sad to see it that way- I mean, it was my first apartment.

My husband did so much work yesterday. I love him for working so hard and being so understanding with me (that I couldn’t help). I just kept crying that I was of no help while everyone around me was running around moving it all. I just couldn’t do anything. Physically, I have times when I am just in non- stop pain. My body hurts. It doesn’t hurt if I lay down, but it hurts if I stand. It also hurts if I have been laying down for a while, and then get up. My pubic bones are giving out on me because of all of this extra weight. My feet are swelling, and so are my legs. I know that I am entering my third trimester so it’s all good. I know that it’s only for 3 more months or so. I will take this pain for my girls.

Today I have my glucose test. Yeahy….. I’ve heard yucky things about it, but the only exciting thing is that we get to see our girls on the screen and make sure they are alright. I just know that I have put on a lot of weight and will hear about it. But I feel that a lot of it is swelling. I truly feel bloated and tired.

Oh, I also made an appointment in my city for the end of the month( when I am 7 months GD willing) to have 3d/4d ultrasounds done. We will get to see them in live action, and get a DVD and pictures. Of course, insurance does not cover this, so it will cost us about $200, but I think it is so worth it. I’ll probably cry when I see them on screen. I will post their pictures when I get them.

Anyway, my house is still a HUGE mess. We pretty much dumped all the boxes and bags in the girl’s room for now. Organization will come later. Their room looks like it threw up. My mom said that she gets good vibes from our new apartment (which she didn’t in our old one) and I like it too. I mean, I loved my old one, but this one has a lot of closet space and is all around larger and more spacious. It was weird sleeping there last night, but you get used to everything.

4 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Mony

    …I am having trouble sleeping. My swollen ankle, toes & legs feel awful. It’s tough! I can’t imagine the extra strain carrying 2!

  2. Chas

    Don’t worry about the glucose test. I got to do it three times ;), and it wasn’t too terrible.

    I cannot wait to see the 3D U/S pictures!! My RE did some for me before I moved on to my OB, but of course she was only like 8 or 9 weeks along when they did them…which was kind of weird to see.

  3. Furrow

    Ugh. I so hate moving. But bigger closets rock. Good luck on the glucose test. I got to eat jelly beans for mine instead of having the glucose drink. Yum.


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