Anniversary and other ramblings

Hello All…

So the fast was OK, although I didn’t really fast. I had some food and drank when I felt the need.

It was just boring, but me and my husband spent some quality time together both reading in bed (I felt like Donna Reed). We never just sit and read- we’re more of a TV family. I don’t know why people knock tv as much as they do. I love the media, and I guess that’s why I work in the industry.

My poor husband had two teeth extracted yesterday- a wisdom tooth and the one right next to it. Yesterday he came home and the right side of his face was puffy- I told him to go to the dentist right away, which he did (after me convincing him for an hour) and that’s when he got the news the teeth had to go- an infection had spread in the teeth and was now spreading to his cheek- which could lead to his brain! I freaked out. So the teeth went, and they had to stitch him up. He didn’t go to school today because of the pain- he always goes to school. Poor baby.

On another note, yesterday I finally signed my lease for my new apt. And just in time- I currently have someone else living in my house- a mouse. Yes, I am yucked out. We put traps all over, but the mouse seems to avoid them! I’m not freaked out by mice, it’s there pellets that drive me insane. I saw a bunch on my night stand- how did it get up there?
So we are officially moving on Sunday. We hired some movers to help, since my husband cant do it alone (I obviously cant do anything). I am waiting to move, but I will miss my apartment. It was my first apt! I know we need the space for the little ladies. I just want to be settled already.

Today I bought pacifiers. I don’t know why, I just felt the need to. I was told the soothies are good so I picked up a two pack pink set. I know that I am not really supposed to buy anything for them yet, but it was a driving force that told me to do so. So I did.
I also took some tummy pics this week, but my tummy looks rough. I have my laparoscopy scars, and the scar tissue in my belly button that is popping out. I look like the bride of Frankenstein. But, alas- that was the card I was dealt- all the surgeries I underwent were just my fate. So yes, I shouldn’t be a bikini model- but my tummy shows my war scars that I am proud of.

I just cant believe that I am entering my third trimester- when I was TTC, every day and month that past felt like an eternity- but now that I am pregnant, the days just seem to be going by so quickly. I am so blessed and lucky and I will always be grateful. Always.

My girls are kicking up a storm lately (more Baby B than A). It’s cool but weird. When I lay on my left side, baby A kicks since her feet are on my left side. It seems like she doesn’t like it. When I lay on my right side, Baby B kicks at me because her feet are there- and she doesn’t like it either. I cant make everyone happy! It’s weird to be sharing a body with two others! I don’t mind eating for us all though.
Today I was told that as an employee of my company that I could choose free Halloween outfits for my kids (since we have a partnership with a costume company). Since my girls aren’t here yet , they will be here for Purim (which is the Jewish equivalent to Halloween where they get to dress up) which is in March. They will only be 3 months old, but I could not resist choosing these outfits for them (they come in newborn sizes):

My husband is freaked out by this one:Oh, today I interviewed a temp to take my place when I go on maternity leave. She was a friend’s temp in my company when she too went on maternity leave so I know shes good. She just doesn’t have a personality (which is great because then I will be missed). I hope my boss likes her (but not too much). I need someone who can fill in with a drop of a hat if I have to go on bed rest- so I hear that she is the one for that. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Today is my anniversary. I have been married for two years. I actually have been married for 3 years (we got married in city hall a year prior to our actual white dress/ family wedding so that my husband could get his necessary papers)- but our 400 person wedding was 2 years ago today.

My wedding day was beautiful; The hall, the weather, the food, the way I looked- it was all what I wanted. Of course until I was almost punched in my face by my cousin. Yes, lovely story.

My cousin was one of my best friends. He also happen to be my husband’s best friend (they grew up together and were like brothers). When me and my husband started dating, my cousin acted as though he was happy for us, but he wasn’t. I think it was too weird for him. So for some reason, he took his aggression out on me in a passive aggressive way. Of course, he never did it in front of my husband (who who was my boyfriend at the time). My husband would say that he didn’t want to get involved since we both had relationships with him. I understood.
A week before our wedding, my cousin seemed angry all the time and his attitude was getting worse. We were having a co-ed bachelor/bachelorette party and I was already at the location. My husband was getting a ride from my cousin and his new girlfriend. Apparently when my husband took a pit stop, my cousin had an argument with his girlfriend. Once they all arrived at the location, my cousin took my husband aside and said that he had just had a fight with his gf and that he would not be attending the event. This was his best friend. He just left. Now mind you, he was also our ride home (we lived an hour away). So not only did he not come to our party, he left us stranded. My husband started to see his true colors.

On my wedding day, half way through, I headed over with my maid of honor to do a change of dress. I walked in to my suite and saw my cousin doing something VERY unkosher to his girlfriend! Not only that- they were doing it on my veil! That was it.
I ran to call my husband. As we both walked to the suite, my cousin and his girlfriend were already dressed and outside the suite door. My husband looked at him and said “Are you not ashamed of yourself for doing this on our wedding day”?. My cousin in his drunken stupor replied “We were just having a little fun, whats the big deal”.
My husband always the peace maker asked him to leave. My cousin told his girlfriend to let his mom know that they were leaving. I looked at her and said “Yeah, get out”. My cousin did not like the tone I took with his girlfriend of 3 months, cursed profanities at me and came at me with fist raised! My husband saw this and grabbed my cousin and physically threw him out. Now mind you, we were lucky we didn’t have a crowd around us. Maybe 5 people saw this.
We have not heard from my cousin in two years. No apologies. He lost two of his best friends.
His punishment? I made a point to go around telling my entire family what happened that night. No one wanted to talk to him and his new girlfriend never steps foot in any one of my relatives houses because of it. I feel like it was a Jerry Springer moment- and mind you my family and my wedding were beautiful.

Unfortunately- that’s what I remember about my wedding day- crying hysterically at the end of it but faking a smile. There is a special place in hell for someone who ruins a wedding day.
Below are pictures of my beautiful, yet tainted wedding day two years ago. Unfortunately we cant celebrate because my husband is in pain… but my daughters are gestating and their presence in the world is gift enough.

The actual religous ceremony took place outside in the hall’s garden:

The food/ dancing etc was inside- it was very lounge like

Me attempting to dance….

Attempting to get drunk (I really should have)

Some pictures from a few hours prior to the ceremony…


8 thoughts on “Anniversary and other ramblings

  1. es

    Happy anniversary and I love the pictures that you posted!

    I feel the same way about finding a replacement for myself- I don;t want him/ her to be too good that they don’t miss me!

  2. K J and the kids

    I completely forgot the beginning of your post…after going through the wedding story and pictures….oh ya…good thing you are moving, my boys did the same thing. I was told to lay on my left side and Spence…the one on that side would kick off of the bed…like DUDE…you are squishing me. Sorry buddy…doctors orders.

    Good luck with the assistant. LOVE the wedding pictures. You can’t tell that your cousin had sex on your veil AT ALL 🙂

    Where are the belly pics.

    (p.s. wasn’t Weeds a good one this week)

  3. topcat

    Happy anniversary! Such lovely pics … you have GREAT hair, by the way! What a fantastic scene for a wedding – your hubby looks sweet.

    That Princess Leia costume is adorable!! Good luck for the move. Yay that you don’t have to lift anything! xo

  4. Chas

    Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful bride you were!!

    The costumes are great! I had a friend who used that very same Star Wars costume for her daughter a couple of years ago; it turned out very cute!

    Mice are gross. I have been working hard to get them out of my basement; thank goodness they haven’t made it into the actual house yet. Grrr…I’m deathly afraid of them…silly, I know.

    Oh, and pacifiers…if they don’t end up like Soothies, we used NUK, which are great. I used the orthodontic pacifiers only b/c I was afraid she’d take a liking to it and that the regular ones would end up making her have buck teeth. I’m paranoid about this b/c of how many toddlers I used to have in preschool who had the buck teeth b/c of pacifiers. I shouldn’t have worried about it too much since she weaned herself of the paci around 10 months.

  5. Furrow

    What a beautiful wedding! Beautiful bride! I love the Purim costumes. My girl is due on Oct 28th, so to coax her out close to Halloween, I bought an itty bitty pumpkin hat, mittens, and socks. Do you think it will work?

  6. Kristen

    Happy belated anniversary! You looked beautiful!

    Those Halloween costumes are precious! I think they are so adorable.

    And, yuck! So sorry about the mice. We had a mouse problem with our very first apt together. I had to get out of there eventually. It was getting out of control. They just breed like crazy. I hope you don’t have to deal with it long. XOXO

  7. Stacie

    Happy belated anniversary! It is funny how close important dates are for us (your anniversary and my dh’s bday). I hope you two took some moments to enjoy each other and didn’t spend the whole time packing and moving!


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