People are Nuts & Rockin Blogger Awards

I had decided that I was not going to blog about riders on the public transportation system here in New York City, but yesterday’s incident took the cake!
Picture it Sisely 1904….
OK, not really- yesterday 6:30pm. I was on the bus coming home (after a 45 minute subway ride). I was sitting down and one stop away from home. I held on the the bars to my side to help me get up so that I could be prepared for the stop. As I was standing waiting for the bus to move, a woman jabs her elbow into my side. She doesn’t look at me so I figure it was a mistake. I was wrong.
I didn’t say anything. Suddenly she looks at the woman who is sitting in front of her and says “would you say you were sorry if you pushed someone?”. Then she proceeded to point in my direction (as I was directly behind her) and said “well, that woman pushed me and didn’t say anything”- referring to me!
What? I pushed her? I absolutely did not feel as though I had pushed her at all because if I would have I would have apologized!
I look at her in shock, after realizing the elbow jab was intentional, and said to her “So you jabbed your elbow into a pregnant woman on purpose?”. She looks back, then to my stomach, realizing that I was pregnant. Still no apologies.
Crazy/ Bitch Woman: “Well, you pushed me”.
Me: “I didn’t feel as though I had pushed you- have you ever been pregnant before?”
Crazy/ Bitch Woman: “That doesn’t matter”
Me: “Well it does because when you are pregnant your center of gravity is off- I didn’t even feel as though I had pushed you. I cant believe you would intentionally jab your elbow into a woman who is pregnant with multiples.”- meanwhile all this is happening with a crowd around us.
Crazy/ Bitch Woman: “Well, I got up for a pregnant woman on the subway today (as if she is now a saint)
you should apologize to me”
Me: After jabbing me? You are truly a classy woman. A class act
Crazy: “Well, at least I am not like you” (wonder what that meant)
Me: “Thanks GD for that”
I proceeded to get off the bus. I told my husband the story as I got home and started crying. I mean, how could someone be so mean, and jab me! I mean if I did push her- which I didn’t even feel- it was not a major push where someone would notice. And does that justify jabbing me in my side with her elbow? What kind of people are out there these days?
On Friday I went to visit my best friend Franny at her mother’s house (since she was there for the holidays) . Franny has a one and a half year old boy, and a 4.5 month old girl. When her son was born we started TTC. But as the months progressed, and I wasn’t getting pregnant being around her was hard. What was harder- her getting pregnant again 3 months after he was born (she pulled a Britney). She held herself in such a wonderful way- trying to never ever make me feel bad. Always supporting me- through my surgery, unsuccessful rounds of chlomid, and ivf. When her daughter was born (May 11th) I found out I was pregnant. It was such a nice surprise that it turned out that way.
Anyway, her whole family was there and let me tell you there are a gaggle of children. Her brother has 4, Franny has the 2, and her sister has 5. No wonder I hated going there prior to my pregnancy.
So my point:
As I walked in, I saw a double stroller. In it lay Franny’s daughter and to her right, Franny’s nephew (around the same age 4 months). They both looked up from the stroller and smiled at me. My heart melted. That is what I will be staring at in a few months from now (GD willing). Two little babies smiling at me. I almost cried.
I know that it will be hard. I know. I am not convincing myself otherwise. But just seeing those two little smiling faces made me know that it is all well worth it. I am tearing up just thinking about it.
So Franny goes on to tell me that she thinks she may be pregnant again- yup. She stopped breastfeeding two months ago and still has not gotten her period. She was about to start BCP, but needed the go ahead by her Rabbi (In Judaism, you need to get approval to take BC). He did give it to her, but she couldn’t start taking them until she gets her period- which is a no show.
She was stressed out. She has these two little babies at home, is currently living in a tiny overcrowded apt while her new home gets renovated, and is a stay at home mom. Her husband does absolutely nothing to help her- when I say nothing, I mean nothing. He hardly agrees to change a diaper. He thinks its her job to do it all, and GD forgive me but sometimes I want to smack him. The last thing she needs is another crying baby.
I went and bought her a pregnancy test and she took it. It was negative. I was so relieved for her. Its funny how one woman’s negative poas is another woman’s salvation. She was happy. When I said that she must be relived, her husband (from the other room mind you) shouts “why should she be relieved?”. He doesn’t care to have more children. Of course he doesn’t- the man does nothing to help.
Those are my little stories for the day.
On a side note, everyone says that I don’t look big enough to be carrying twins. Do we need to look a certain way? But I assure them to give me a few more weeks before “I pop”.
Oh, and I am apparently the talk of the office.
I just ran into another pregnant woman on my office floor. We were both waiting for the elevator and we started talking. She said she is expecting a girl. I said I was expecting two. She said “Oh, your the one who’s having twins- Ive heard about you!”… not the first time Ive heard that.

Plus- I have not yet handed out Rockin’ Blogger awards as of yet, since I have been nominated by TopCat a few weeks ago. Here goes:

Topcat– She is on the top of my list. This woman is a recovering drug addict and alcoholic and counsels other women who are addicts. Topcat is married to a wonderful man and has a little boy (who was conceived naturally). When she decided to have more children, she was faced with secondary infertility. Along with that no one believed- including herself- that her husband had any swimmers left (after a bout with cancer and chemo). Boy was she wrong! After just undergoing ivf- TC is now pregnant!

Karen from Role Playing with Kids– K is a mother of an adorable little girl and twin boys. Karen was the first to predict that I was pregnant with twins when I was recounting my first pregnancy symptoms. Since she has gone on to give me so much valuable advice. K has been with her partner for 10 years (which is more than I can say for half the hetero couples that I know) and is a happy stay at home mom. I admire Karen for being true to herself and proving to all the nay-sayers that families come in all shapes!

Stacie from here storkey storkey– Stacie is currently pregnant with twin boys after going through IVF. She is my due date partner as we both underwent IVF at the same time, and both ended up with two little ones. Stacie is now on bed rest- which she finds difficult- but knows that it is all for a beautiful cause. She and her husband were high school sweethearts and will no doubt have a beautiful family.

Chas from Sugar & Ice– Chastity has a beautiful little girl! Her daughter was conceived through IVF . Chas is a teacher by trade but just left her job to be a stay at home mom (which is a lot harder than any other job). Chas always has amazing pictures to share and seems like such a happy young mother! I wish she lived closer!

Last but certainly not least:

Kirsten from Blonde Ambitions– Kirsten had two beautiful baby girls not long ago. Unfortunately they were born two months too early so the little ladies had to stay in the NICU for a while. Kirsten is just starting to find her groove as a first time mommy and has a wonderful family that surrounds her.

So many more ladies that deserve awards- but I do have to get back to work!


15 thoughts on “People are Nuts & Rockin Blogger Awards

  1. ECand3

    OK, so I know I haven’t commented b4, but here I am.

    1. The lady on the bus sucks! I used to knock people over with my twin belly and they would apologize to me!
    2. KJ rocks!
    3. You are so truly blessed to be having twins. Just you wait and see. Feeling ok?

  2. topcat

    Oh GG you are so wonderful – thank you, you made me cry!!

    One thing I love about you – you speak up when you see injustice. I am so glad you didn’t let that b*tch on the bus get away with it. I’m sure, deep down somewhere, she felt bad about doing that to you, she was just too pig-headed to admit. Power to you.

    You are going to be an AWESOME mum!!(You already are). xoxoxoxo

  3. The Dunn Family

    Public transport in NYC is a pain the @ss! I can’t believe that happened to you. I can to venture in there once a week for work, and I usually dread it just because people on the subways stink! When I was pregnant (with my twins) I can’t tell you how many times I got stuck standing while other people looked at my belly and stayed in their seats! Gotta love it!

    Love that you called her out on it though. go you!

  4. Chas

    You are so very sweet! I must make a trip to NYC before you head back to Israel so I can give you and that babes a big hug :).

    If I’d been there on the bus with you I’d have probably kicked that lady in the teeth. What a witch!!

  5. Rachel Inbar

    You don’t have to be huge to be pregnant with twins 🙂 I was actually smaller with my twins than I was with my first baby(!) Even when I went to deliver (at a full 39 weeks) the nurse asked me if I was sure it was twins…

    As you said, btw, twins aren’t easy, but, if you have some help, it doesn’t have to be that bad either.

    It was nice of you to get a pregnancy test for your friend and I can definitely understand how having 3 babies in a row could be way too much.

  6. A

    People are so crazy…especially on crowded city public transport. Ugh. Well, she must be an unhappy person.

    As for people commenting that you don’t look big enough to be carrying twins…ignore, ignore, ignore. People have no idea what you are “supposed” to look like…when I was 4 and 5 months pregnant people would ask if I was having the baby any day now (um, NO). Two days ago a woman in the grocery store asked me if I was 4 or 5 months pregnant (um, NO. I’m about to pop, woman!). As long as your doctor is happy with your progress, you are “normal” and you look “normal”…in fact, I’m sure you look fabulous!

  7. Kirsten

    Thank you very much! I feel very honored 🙂 I am sometimes afraid to type some of the things I do for fear of sounding too negative but sometimes I just gotta vent and honesty is the best policy!
    I cannot believe the lady (I mean bitch) on the bus. I, too, am proud of you for speaking up b/c that is just going too far. She must be one insecure person. Sorry you had to deal with a crummy person like that!

  8. K J and the kids

    UNBELIEVABLE ! I cannot believe that A) that woman continued to fight with you…and B) that no one stepped up and stopped her.
    If I would have been there I would have stood up and given you my seat to make a clear and valid point. What a beast. She probably is crazy.

    Can you believe it….in a very short time you will be juggling 2 babies 🙂

    Thanks for the award. You really are the rock star.

  9. es

    Wow, that lady is truly mean.

    Just today I was thinking about how I have had the opposite experience- for example, I was waiting on a very slow moving line today at the drugstore and the man in front of me turned around, realized that I was pregnant, and asked me if I wanted to go before him (I said no). But I was truly grateful.

    Then again- I drive to work- so I don’t have to deal with the a-holes on the trains- who my previously pregnant friends have informed me do not offer them seats.

    So funny about you mentioning not looking big enough for twins- I FEEL huge, but yet I was talking today to someone at work who is due at the same time as me and carrying only one, and she said that she feels much larger than me (she doesn’t know I have two). I kind of laughed to myself… if only she knew.

  10. Nearlydawn

    You guys just need to move the South – that’s all there is to it! LOL We all drive our own cars, so no transportation seat mishaps are happening, ever. 🙂 Well, unless my hubby won’t let me drive, but that’s another story…

    Glad to know all is mostly well, outside of the apt crap. Hoping you get all moved in, safe and sound, really soon!

    Have a good one!

  11. Stacie

    You go, girl! Tell those stupid people what is what! Don’t give that woman another thought. She isn’t worth your energy at all.

    Thank you for the kind words and the nom. You are the bestest due date buddy!


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