Haven’t posted in a while.

I had a few days off of work and although I thought I would be moving during that time, that did not come to pass. I was told that I cannot move anything into my apartment until they conduct a lead test (which they are doing today) and wait a few days for the results.

So, I packed up a few boxes and my apt looks like a disaster area.

Ive been getting phone calls from a number that I don’t know for about a week now. The guy leaves me a message and addresses me by name, yet speaks in Russian. I do not speak Russian. It was very confusing.

Finally he gets a hold of me yesterday and starts speaking in Russian again. I say “hold up, I have no idea what your saying- I don’t speak Russian”. He apologizes and says hes a apt broker and that my landlord gave him my number. He wants to see my apartment. Of course, I don’t have to do this but I say fine, that he can come by tonight at 8pm. I get home and tell my husband and he brings up a valid question- Is this broker bringing clients?

So I call this guy today, and ask if he’s coming alone. He says no that he’s bring clients.

I inform him that this is very inconvenient and that he will have to wait until I move out. He said he wasn’t sure if he could postpone this couple and I inform him that it is not my problem and that he should have stated that he wanted to bring clients when we were on the phone. He was disappointed- but again, not my problem. I don’t want my apt looked at. I am still paying my rent- no one has the right to come by without my approval. I could care less if my landlords wont be happy- after all, they are doing nothing for me (not changing the bathroom, not waxing the hardwood floors) so why should I care?

If this guy has balls and comes by tonight unexpectedly, I am not answering my door.

On another note, I just spoke to a friend that I have not spoken with in months. She knew that I was going through IVF a few months ago but we just lost touch for a while. We were instant messaging each other today and she informed me that she is 14 weeks pregnant (with her first child). I was so happy for her. I know that if I were not pregnant, it would feel as though my heart was being stabbed. I then informed her that I too was pregnant with twins. She was so happy for me. She’s even going to my OBGYN.

Side note:

I have started feeling my little ladies kick for a while now. Baby A (Neve) is kicking up a storm while Baby B (Soleil) is more laid back. This is strange since it was the opposite for months. Each time we went to get a sono done, Baby B moved constantly while Baby A stayed laid back. Maybe I’m just not feeling B as much because of her position? Who knows. I do know that her feet like to reside in my rib cage from time to time- which is not fun!

Oh- turns out I had to return my dishwasher before I even brought it home since my new apt doesn’t have a dish washer hook up and doing so would require a lot of hard work and management approval. My husband was happy about the refund.

Speaking of my husband, yesterday he had to have some dental work done and he was in pain for most of the day. We had so much to accomplish and so I had to do most of it myself (I haven’t done anything by myself in months now since he insists on helping me do everything). I realized as he lay there on the bed out of commission that the man does a lot since I became pregnant. He pretty much does everything for us. I appreciate him.


5 thoughts on “Monday

  1. Chas

    I don’t blame you for not letting the Russian and his clients see the place…like you said, not your problem.

    I’m so happy that you are happy for your friend. I agree…when you’re trying to get pregnant, it does kind of stab you in the heart every time you hear of someone else’s pregnancy. Unfortunately for me, that has returned with this second round of infertility. I thought after having a child I wouldn’t be so jealous when I heard of new pregnancies, but I was wrong. Oh well.

    BTW, I just wanted to say again how much I love those names. If I don’t like something, I just keep my mouth shut…but these names…they are just perfect.

  2. Caro

    I want that t-shirt. I’ve just spent the weekend with a friend who is due next month and was amazed by what people think it’s ok to do and say when you are obviously pregnant.

  3. K J and the kids

    I’m sorry we didn’t hook up.
    EVEN MORE SO, I’m sorry about your dishwasher. That BITES.
    I’m very happy that you are feeling your little girls though.
    How wonderful.

  4. Furrow

    Fabulous names! And congrats on feeling the little kicks. It’s so wonderful, after you get over the initial creepiness of it. (Or maybe that was just me)

    Our paint color in the nursery is Coriander. It is from the Ma.rtha collection at Lo.wes. I like it because it is a nice rich color, but not too dark. We had several shades painted in various spots around the room at one point before we decided.


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