More Ramblings from a Crazy Pregnant Chick

I seem to think my life is pretty boring- so why do you guys keep coming back for more?

SO a few things:

1. My doctor must think I’m crazy and annoying. I never meant to be one of those patients, but turns out I am. You see I can go for weeks without calling him, but then one day I can call 4-5 times.

I started taking Zan.tac on Monday and let me tell you- it’s a G-D send. No heartburn! No indigestion! I found my miracle drug. I only took zan.tac on my doctor’s recommendation so I knew it was ok for the babies.

Tuesday and Wednesday I found myself with too much time on my hands surfing different pregnancy websites. They can be helpful and can scare the sh*t out of me as well. Everyone claims that they have felt their babies at 16, 17, 18 weeks. Meanwhile me at 20 weeks, not so much. And considering I am having two, this lack of movement scares me! So keep in mind, I am worried to begin with.

Moving on…..

So I realize that I have had no appetite at all the past 2-3 days. This is strange for me since I am eating for 3 and am hungry ALL the time. I googled zan.tac side effects and it says to consult your doctor if you have loss of appetite. That was it. I started to panic- had I harmed them in there? They have no choice to eat what I eat and ingest what I ingest. I must say, I was scared to death.

After a few phone calls, the doctor calls me back:

Doctor Amazing: (I call him this because he really is the sweetest, patient, sarcastic, caring doctor ever): “Hey , what’s wrong?”
Me: “Well, I was told by the other doctor at your practice that I can take zan.tac, and I have been for three days. But I soon realized that I had no appetite, and the directions say that if you experience this consult your doctor”

Doctor Amazing: “No, it’s fine. You can take it every day if you want. You are feeling less hungry because the zan.tac is stopping the acid in your stomach. The acid is what makes you feel hungry all the time.”

Me : “Oh- I was just worried you know, since I’m pregnant”
Doctor Amazing: “You are?” (being sarcastic but adorable)
Me: “Yes- with twins, can you believe it?” (returning his sarcasm)
So let’s just say that I am ok. I am still paranoid and will be until i get to see them next Wednesday on the screen moving around… and finally finding out their genders.


2. The double chin has returned.

Now, as I have stated before, I was overweight for most of my life. I had lost a significant amount over the past 4 years and was happy. I had asked my husband to take pictures of me (so that I can post it for all of you) and the results are not pretty. I have two chins, and let’s not discuss the thighs. I am large and in charge. I have not looked like this in years. It’s strange to see the old me staring back at me in new pictures. I cant quite explain it.

I was telling my husband how big my thighs and hips are getting and he answered “Well, they need to be big to hold up those babies”. Yes, that was his way of making me feel better.

I am NOT complaining. I knew of this weight gain before I started IVF. I expected it. The funny thing I am only 5 months pregnant! What will I look like in 2, 3 months?

So I am again a big girl, but it is for the best cause in the world. Of course it will be a bitch to take off again! Weight Wat.chers- here I come again! Did you miss me?

3. I hate people on the bus.
So the other day I get onto a crowded bus. There happen to have been one seat left in the front and although I don’t usually sit there (because they are reserved for the elderly and priority seating) I did.

After a few stops, an elderly man gets on the bus. He was wearing his black cataract sunglasses. I look around and notice that not ONE person offered him a seat. NOT ONE. This disgusted me to no end. I quickly got up and offered him my seat. He didn’t want to take it at first, because I am obviously pregnant but I insisted and told him I was getting off the bus soon.

Next stop, two elderly women get on. One little old white haired lady with a cane! You would think that someone would get up?
No. They didn’t.

The little old woman was hanging on for dear life to the bars. I wish I had a seat to give her. I wish I could say something to the big fat passengers that looked extremely healthy and NOT a priority that were sitting in the front. But what can I do?

I just don’t get people sometimes. I don’t. You know, although I am pregnant, I am still somewhat strong and can hold myself up. The elderly can not!

4. The white mom hairs are growing.
I found a few more white hairs today. That’s it- I am officially a mom. My kids will know me as fat and old.

Ok, I am tired now.

For your viewing pleasure (these are for you K) here are a few fat pg pics I took today. Now mind you, I left out the double chinned ones. A girl has got to honor herself!

I am not happy in this picture: I just saw the double chinned pictures a moment earlier.



8 thoughts on “More Ramblings from a Crazy Pregnant Chick

  1. SaraS-P

    Maybe, with two, there’s less kicking room? Just a thought.

    And remember, the crazy annoying patients are the ones who care. Better to be annoying than neglectful!

  2. K J and the kids

    EAT ! Even if the Zantac makes you feel not hungry. EAT !

    Love the pictures. A little Pocahontasy πŸ™‚ You are Jewish are you sure you don’t have a little Native American in you ? πŸ™‚ ha ha

    Maybe this is a GREAT sign that your babies are going to be kicked back, relaxed little people. You lucky bastard.

  3. Nearlydawn

    Um, if you think you are a “large girl” then I’m never posting a “belly pic” of me. Nope, not ever… You’d just die of shock I’m sure!

    I think you look marvelous, and I didn’t even see a hint of a double-chin.

    Hang in there – you’ll be fine with getting the weight off once you are trying to feed/chase/diaper 2 everyday!

  4. Lisa b

    You look fantastic. Seriously I see no chins. I always see them on myself and no one else does.
    Your doctor sounds amazing.

  5. Chas

    I’m definitely not seeing even a hint of a double chin. You look great!! Try not to worry too much about the movement…you’ll feel it any day now.

  6. topcat

    Your. Belly. Pics. Are. Beautiful.


    Hope you are having a wonderful, heartburn-free weekend, GG. Soon, Brenda and Brandon will be kicking up a STORM in there! Hey – that makes your belly The Peach Pit. πŸ™‚

    Thanks again for your love and support – I’ve felt it! xoxoxo

  7. Haley-O

    Oh, I hear you on the double chins!! But you look amazing! And, I use Tums for this persistent pregnancy indigestion! Try that?? Because I have PLENTY appetite! πŸ˜‰


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