General issues

Some guy decided to cough in my face yesterday on the bus. How nice?

Wonder how long it will take for me to get sick. The countdown begins.
Ok, so lets talk about sex.
I was just made fun of by a few friends/co-workers at lunch yesterday. The last time we went out I was in my first trimester. They said that when my second rolls around, my hormones will kick in and make me sex-hungry. They asked if it had kicked in and I said no. The truth is, I’m just not that into it. I don’t know why, but I feel as though I can do without it for the next year. I am tired and big, and uncomfortable in my skin. I am just not in the mood. Of course this doesn’t bode well for the hubby, but I just feel so not myself, so out of it.
I’m wondering if you guys have been through this and what your take is on the matter.

Next up for discussion:

Do strangers really try to go up to your baby and touch them? This is new to me. A friend of mine told me yesterday that she took her son in his stroller to a local pharmacy. Her son was sleeping and she had the front part pulled down. The cashier left her counter and came around to where the stroller was, and pulled up the part that was down. My friend sort of backed away and told her that her son was sleeping. I mean do those things seriously happen? How strange is that? I would not have been that nice to the cashier. I would have said, “excuse me, what do you think you’re doing?”…

In other news, I have not been able to cross my legs in months. It’s not that I cant, it’s just that the weight of my crossed leg is just too much for the poor leg holding it up.

So I had a dream about a celeb yesterday. A celeb I am not even crazy about. It was a naughty dream. It involved John Mayer. In it, I was hanging out with him and he sang to me. I had butterflies in my tummy. Remember getting those? It’s beautiful to be married and all…. but don’t you sometimes wish you could have a first kiss again? To wonder if he likes you as well? To wonder if he’ll call you?

I believe I love my husband more today than I did before we got married. Right before our wedding we fought- a lot. We fought dirty. You know the fights I’m talking about. At that time I wondered to myself if I was making a mistake by marrying him. We would yell and he would say we should call off the wedding. I would say “no way- your not going to embarrass me. We will get married and if we choose to later, get divorced”. And I really believed it.

And today, we are stronger than ever (thank GD). You learn how to live with one another. To get along and not to step on each other’s toes. And we’ve both become better people.


I’ve been thinking a lot about my mother lately. Although I know she means well, the woman has made ALOT of mistakes raising my brother and I. She showed favoritism often, she would hit, and when we would fight she would use our insecurities against us (not great for a child) . I always got the brunt of her wrath. My brother (“her special little angel”) on the other hand, never did (although he has major issues). Now, for years I thought it was me, that I was the problem. My mother is loved by all and when we would fight everyone would wonder how I could fight with such a great woman. But by having my husband in the family now, he sees what I see. He sees that she puts on a front with everyone but her immediate family. That the monster in her comes out with us. So it’s nice to know that I am not crazy.

Being pregnant, and months away from being a mommy to not one- but two babies- has brought on worry. I am afraid that I will be like her. I am trying to relax about it – I’m thinking that if I am thinking so much into it, than that will already make me a better mom. Hopefully I will take the good that my mother has taught me, but leave the bad behind.

Oh- and by the way, what’s up with people placing their dogs in baby strollers? Are they crazy? I was just outside and a woman with a stroller walked by me. Of course, its natural to look at the stroller and want to see the baby. No baby this time- just a Yorkie. These people must be bored ( i hope no one that is reading this is offended).

8 thoughts on “General issues

  1. K J and the kids

    Sex. Just like that dream….I was having them all of the time. NASTY ones. I could have written porn when I was pregnant they were so bad. I have NO idea where it came from.
    I was so damn horny with the boys. I didn’t want to have sex with my partner though. I was big and fat and the thought of it made me feel dirty.
    I would just…well you know.

    Any HOO !
    As long as you are aware of it and do not want to make the same mistakes. You won’t.
    Just be conscious of them always.

    Dog strollers for real. That is SOOOO Paris Hilton. 🙂

  2. Chas

    This will have to be bulleted!

    -I never got the pregnancy horniness so many women speak of. We were told not to “do it” after I lost the twin, and then by the time it was safe I wasn’t into it. I don’t think we had sex at all while I was pregnant! How sad is that?!

    -YES!!! People definitely will touch your baby. It’s amazing how many people approach people with babies, and it’s been truly amazing to me how many touch them. They seem to especially like touching their face and their hands!! The two places they need to avoid!! It’s very annoying…it’s usualy older people.

    -I like John Mayer’s music, but I cannot stand the way he looks…especially lately, he grosses me out.

    -You won’t be like your mom. You either learn from history or you let it repeat itself. My father had incredibly abusive parents…his father had been terribly abused as well, but my dad chose to go the exact opposite way and treat us like royalty. He’s an amazing dad, and I’m sure you’ll be an amazing mom.

    – People in Tennessee do not put dogs in strollers. They’d be mocked, to their face…that is just embarrassing.

  3. topcat

    I hope you didn’t get sick from that idiot on the bus!

    Wow GG – just looked at your tickers. You are halfway! I remember when your bubbas still had their tails!

    You are doing so, so well. Good for you! And you won’t be the kind of mum your mum was … you’re already aware of how you want to be different from her. So you will be. xo

  4. Kirsten

    Where to begin…
    Well, I sincerely hoped my sex drive would sky-rocket during pregnancy but it only jumped just a bit. Unfortunately though, my husband wasn’t crazy about the idea around the last few months, anyway, with my huge belly between us and the thought of his daughters inside!! BUT…my dreams were awesome!! The strange thing was that every sex dream I had during pregnancy was with my husband, no celebs or past crushes or anything!!!

  5. Kirsten

    Oh, and my pediatrician said to definitely get netting to go over your stroller to keep people’s hands out of there!! No one has dared touch mine yet but we’ve only ventured out to the doctor twice. A little boy did get THIS close to them and I was very nervous but luckily he never touched.

  6. triLcat

    sex during pregnancy… I had no drive. Every time I felt like I could stomach it, we did it, b/c hey, hubby’s hormones aren’t out of whack…

    And yes, people want to touch my baby all the time. I’m not much of a germ-freak, but dammit, ask permission, and don’t bother a sleeping baby!


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