Apartment, Sleep, Etc

*** Nursery PICTURE IS NOT MINE. It’s the color I want for Nursery**

Some thoughts.

-I don’t sleep well. It was bound to happen at some point. I cant find a comfortable position at all. I don’t know if I need a new pillow or whatnot, but my sleep sucks. I am also boiling hot at night. I turn my AC down to 68 degrees f, and my poor husband shakes from the cold (although I tell him he wouldn’t if he put on some damn clothes). No matter how cold the room is I feel like there is an inferno inside. They say its because the baby’s temp is higher than your own. Now double that. Any advice on how to have a better night’s sleep?

– My underwear no longer fits. I am only 4.5 months along and have finally decided to buy maternity underwear. I purchased a larger bra and some other undergarments. Just thought I’d share.

– I think I found an apartment- yeahy! So it’s like this. I have been bugging my super to find me a two bedroom in my building for months. He claimed that there were no 2 bedrooms to rent, only to buy. I figured that meant that I would have to move away form my lovely building. We live in a great location, and no problems with neighbors. Yesterday as I was waiting for the elevator I ran into my super. He is an awesome guy (although we did slip him some money to get us our first apartment). He asked when I was due and if I knew what I was having. I said that I think I am having one of each- and he was in shock that I am having twins (even though I had mentioned it to him a few months ago when I originally asked him about a 2 bedroom). I went on to say that is why I need a bigger apt. He said he had one, that it can be rented, a two- bedroom, on the first floor (ideal when you have two little babies running around). I enthusiastically said “Take me there” and we proceeded to the apartment.
The apartment is pretty large- but to every apt there is good and bad:

-2 large bedrooms right next to one other -so we can have a nursery- and also put a pull out couch in there so that we have space for company (we usually have a lot of family visit us from Israel).
-first floor
-same building
-large living room
-a lot more closet space
-can put a dishwasher in (since its the first floor)

-The kitchen is smaller than what we currently have- which means less closet space in the actual kitchen (but we have more closets in the halls so we can store items there)
– Bathroom…. smaller, but the tiles is what kills it for me. They are ugly! The tiles in my apt are A LOT nicer. I asked the supper if they could change them and he was skeptical since he said they were just recently changed.
– Another $275 a month (if we’re lucky) it may be $325…

Yeah, if we take it we’ll be living very very tightly (financially). But no one said that having kids was cheap. My husband goes to school full time and works as well. When school is out for the summer and winter breaks he works full time which brings in a lot more income. So we could save during those times. We also just got the new car which is costing us an arm and a leg. So yeah, the timing is not ideal.. but at the end of the day these are TWO babies, not one. They need their space. I need my space. I want to tell them “go play in your room”.

I called the building management and left a message for the owner. He should be calling me back soon. Hopefully we can have the apt ( we have lived in his building for 2.5 years never late with rent, never had any problems). I mean the supper would know if the apt was promised to someone else. If we can have the apt, that means that we would either move in by the 30th of this month or 15th of September. It wont be so bad since he would probably give us keys to the vacant apt so that we could move our stuff in slowly over the course of the month.
I would also have to choose a paint color for our nursery. I was thinking a light greenish color would be best. Any ideas?

I will keep you posted. My life seems to be in a whirlwind lately.


One thought on “Apartment, Sleep, Etc

  1. K J and the kids

    šŸ™‚ You think whirlwind. Wait til those babies get here šŸ™‚

    My suggestion. Lots of pillows. Lay on your left side so those babies get LOTS of blood, oxygen, food. Get a body pillow or several small ones. I always had one under my lower back, behind me…so that I didn’t roll to my back (you are supposed to stay on your sides now) and one just under my belly in front. One between my knees to help with my back….and of course one under my head. Sometimes two and three..when the reflux and heart burn start kicking in.

    Good luck with the apartment. Things just seem to work out. I believe you will end up RIGHT where you need to be.
    Love the idea of a spare bedroom. You might find yourselves in that room from night to night. šŸ™‚

    WHERE ARE THE PICTURES ! I’ve missed seeing them. Love the belly shots.


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