I guess everything happens for a reason.

Just last week I was talking to my husband about possibly selling our car to lease a SUV (since we will be needing the room soon enough). Of course selling the car would be a long process, but I figured we don’t really have too much of a choice because a sedan wouldn’t be too convenient for us. Then out of the blue, our car gets totalled on Wednesday and this week we are getting a check for the entire value of the car (more so than what we payed for it!) . So not sure if that was a strong feeling of intuition or just good luck.

We went car shopping yesterday (not fun in this heat) and settled on the Nissan Murano. It’s an SUV, Not too big, but bigger than our last car. My husband is going to the dealership tomorrow to close the deal. And just in time! I’m pretty excited about it. I know its just a car but it symbolizes something so much more than that. It’s us starting our new life. We must accommodate our babies and our growing family.

I still have a hard time believing/ accepting that I am pregnant. It just seems unbelievable to me. Maybe even unnatural. I am halfway through my pg and still it astonishes me that I am carrying two little growing babies. I don’t know if that feeling will ever go away. Maybe it will sink in when I get to hold them in my arms (GD Willing). But until then, I am astonished with each passing day.
On Saturday I didn’t do too much. I slept in, and then my husband came home from work at about 3:30pm. He went to take a nap and I did as well. We awoke at 9pm and decided that we wanted breakfast food at a diner.. so we called my mom asked her to join us and off we went. I ordered choc chip banana pancakes. BIG MISTAKE. My stomach was hurting so bad the entire night…. banana’s and myself do not go well together.
On a side note- I got my results for the second half of my NT Screening and everything seems perfect.. THANK GD. I am on so many blogs with so many of my fellow ivf pregnant friends that have had many scares with the NT screening. That is why I prepared myself not to go crazy if I was told my results were off. Thank GD they were OK. Of course, nothing is guaranteed, but at least I can now rest easy until the next set of tests.

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  1. topcat

    That’s fantastic about the scan! You’re a wonderful mother already GG. (My hubbie just bought the new Nissan ute. Nissans ROCK! What colour are you getting?)

  2. Kirsten

    Great news on the NT results; I know that was a relief! And that is awesome that you got more money than expected for your car…everything DOES happen for a reason, as crappy as some things might seem when they happen.
    Oh, and the book I have is the most current edition of “On Becoming Baby Wise”…it is the 4th edition and has a special added chapter just on multiples. I am still trying to get through it; it’s just a little tough for me because a lot of it is centered around breastfeeding, which I am not doing, but I’m definitely getting lots of good info from it and plan to start putting their suggestions into use in the next few days.
    Have a great day!


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