Yesterday: The day from hell

Yesterday was no fun.

I awoke at 6am heard the severe rain and thunderstorms out my window and decided that I would go to work late (considering my boss is not on the east coast and would not be in the office for two weeks). I sent her an email stating that I would be an hour or two late for work and proceeded to bed. I awoke at 8:30am, got dressed and watched the news. Apparently, a tornado hit my city and the subways were not working. They warned whoever was still home to stay home. So, I did just that. I emailed my boss explaining the situation and worked from home (via blackberry).

My mother called and we began talking. The talking turned into an argument over my “precious” brother. She always tries to force a friendship/ relationship btwn us and it just does not work. We are too different and argue a lot. She tells me that I think that I am better than him and we proceed to fight .

Now mind you my brother is 30, unmarried, and lives at home with my parents. He dropped out of college his first semester (even though he was pulling all A’s) and took any job that came his way. He hardly helps with the bills, sits at home and wonders why his life is horrible and why he doesn’t have a girlfriend. He pity’s himself. I cant respect someone that sits back and wants things to happen without trying! He has once admitted that he is jealous of me. To him, I am his younger sister and I am living an “adult life”. I went to college, got my degree, got a job in my intended field, got married, and am starting a family. Does he think these things just happened without my working hard for them??? Come on!!!

I have worked hard for everything in my life. Everything. I didn’t finish my degree in the 4 years you are expected to. It took me 6 years. My relationship was hard! I had a long distance relationship with my husband for 2 years before he moved here- the hardest two years of my life! I didn’t got a job right away either. I searched for a year and took a job that payed me very minimally just to get into my company. From there, the hard work and dedication I showed got me the job I have today that pays me well (thank G-D). Any as for the family? We all know that wasn’t easy. So why would I “pity” someone who sits back and doesn’t try for anything and just complains? To him I am a “snob” that looks down upon him. That’s not the case….. I am disappointed in him because I know how intelligent he is and what he is capable of -if he only tried.

So as I was arguing with my mother about him, he overheard and started yelling at my mother asking her why she was talking about him. Then he leaves me a nasty voice message saying that I should not talk behind his back and that I am not better than him, and was cursing at me like a sailor! With all of his nasty words I am surprised he didn’t wish badly upon my children (which he has done in the past before I had gotten pg).

Yeah- and that was just the first part of the day!

My doctor’s appointment was scheduled for today at 6pm, but figuring I was home yesterday I changed my appointment for that day (wanted to be a good employee and not leave early today if I wasn’t in yesterday). I called the husband and told him to meet me at the doctor’s office. As I got into the cab, i get a call from DH stating that he would not make it to the doctor’s because our car was now totaled. Someone had rammed into him on the highway. Thank GD no one was hurt seriously, but my husband did have neck and shoulder pain. So that’s it ladies- no more car for us.

That’s not the sad part. A month and a half ago my husband was in another car accident (the other drivers fault again) and we had filed a claim. We had an appointment for this Friday to go get it fixed, but the new accident severely damaged the car and you cant see the original damage now. So.. I had to cancel the first claim (lucky bastard- the guy we hit us the first time- gets off Scott free)…

Now, I am hoping that its too expensive to fix and they cut us a check for the value of the car (because I was contemplating leasing a new car that would be a bit bigger for the impending children and their items). Anyway we’ll see what happens.

I went to the doctor sans husband and waited there forever. I finally go into the sono and the woman says that it is too early to detect the sexes- B.S! How is it that at 13 weeks at the NT screening sono, the doctor tried and said she pretty much could tell the sexes? So she said that we might be able to tell next time when I am 21 weeks (GD willing) when they do a level two ultrasound (whatever that means).

The doctor said everything is fine with the babies- yeahy! They both weigh 6oz and are measuring the same and on time. How exciting? I got to see my babies and I finally saw Baby A move (she is the lazy one who I never see move). I did get some pics but the kids look like aliens so I am scared to post them.
Oh and my weight gain…. drum roll please……………………………………………………………..
Pre- IVF until now…. 25 pounds. Yeah. I am packing them on!
Since my first appointment at my OBGYN (after I graduated from fertility clinic) I have gained 16 pounds. My OBGYN says that’s good bec I am averaging 1 pound a week. Little does he know that all together pre-ivf I have packed on 25. I stood there in silence as he praised my 1lb a week weight gain… ha!
So maybe I should cut back on the food? I mean, If I gain 60 pounds I wont cry. I will then be over 200 pounds of pure unadulterated mama, but my kids will be healthy. Most of the weight will come off and I will have to work on the rest (which I am accustomed to anyway)…. I am focusing on the babies and trying to not stress about the gain. I will deal with it later. Plus, maybe I will breastfeed until the kids are in college? I hear you burn 500 cals a day doing that… times that by two- and walla! 🙂

Anyway, I get home at 7:30, followed by more poor husband who had had a rough day, and we proceed to go to the ER to get him checked. We were there until 12am! What kind of ER is that? Someone can die waiting in a waiting room (it happened a few months ago actually).

So all in all….. great day let me tell you. Can you sense my sarcasm?


2 thoughts on “Yesterday: The day from hell

  1. K J and the kids

    I am SO glad to hear that your husband is ok. I hope that everything checked out ok in the hospital.

    Sorry that you fought with your mom. I promise. Your opinions about these fights and your brother will change soon. You will be hoping your own children will get along. You will love them both for who they are EQUALLY. I promise. You won’t be able to love one more than the other. Different maybe…but not more. It’s amazing.

    That is SO STUPID that the sono tech wouldn’t tell you. Did you ask the doctor to check or tell her to AT LEAST TRY and check ?
    Dumb lady. We all know that they are a girl and a boy 🙂

    I hope tomorrow is much better for you and your husband.
    I hope the car is fixed quickly and inexpensively.

  2. Kirsten

    That SUCKS. Sorry your day off was crappy; one of those days you actually wish you had been at work. Hopefully things have gotten better and you will have a nice, relaxing weekend 🙂
    Wonderful news on the babies though!
    Oh, and the last time we were in the ER, they paged “Code Blue Fourth Floor” about ten times…we were like, um that person is probably long gone by now. Ridiculous. We spent nearly 3 hours in the waiting room before we finally just left. But we did get a nice $300 bill for triage. Yeesh.


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