The next two weeks will be the longest of my life. My boss is out of town and I have NOTHING to do. I’ve been googling things, surfing sites, I even went to simpsonize me and created myself as a simpson’s character and then ordered my simpson’s face on an apron….. but I am about to take a nose-dive into my keyboard.

I have no real topic of conversation right now so I will discuss one of my favorite shows “Big Love”.. seriously the show rocks. I didn’t get into it at first, but am now addicted. How one man can handle three wives is beyond me. I feel bad for my husband and he only has me to deal with.

A Jewish Mystic Rabbi told my mother the other week that I have a husband of gold but that I should stop screaming at him. How funny- and he hasn’t even met us!?

My mother had asked for a blessing for her children. She had asked for me first (which is rare- it’s usually her golden boy that she discusses first). The Rabbi looked at her, asked for my name and went on to say that G-D should bless me and my two. Yes- he said two…. he had no indication that I was pregnant, let alone having twins. Scary stuff. Then he went ahead and said the nice things about my husband. I thought that was pretty cool.. it’s nice to know I have a great husband from a mystic. Oh… then my mother asked him what the sexes of the children are.. he said one of each. I guess we will see whether the man is on the ball this Thursday.

My husband seems to think we made some sort of agreement about naming our children. I have liked the name Soleil for a girl for years. I don’t care if that’s punky brewster’s name. I think it has a nice sound to it and kind of rolls off the tongue. He didn’t like it at first, but has kind of given in. Plus, it goes with our theme.. yes we have a theme. My name means water in Hebrew- my husband’s name means lightning in Hebrew. So our theme is nature apparently. Now, with the addition of Soleil (which means sun in french) it’s hard to stray from the general theme of things. I digress.

So if we have one of each, we have our daughter’s name but not our son’s. As I was trying to find a name yesterday, my husband proceeds to inform me that we had made an agreement that if we had one of each, I would choose a name and he would choose the other. I made NO SUCH
AGREEMENT! I think he’s making this up but thinks its fact. I mean, that wouldn’t be a huge problem, if he would actually bring some names to the table- but he hasn’t. He said when it’s time, he will. What does that mean? When its time to type up the birth certificate? When the child will start pre-school? I need time in advance! The man is out of his mind.

I have been taking Flintstones vitamins for a few weeks now- 10 million strong and growing

My doctor said I need to take vitamins- it doesn’t matter which kind since the babies take what vitamins they need from me and leave me with nothing. They taste nothing like I remember as a child. I used to pop them like candy.

G-D I want pickles.


3 thoughts on “

  1. Nearlydawn

    Um, you really ARE bored, aren’t you?

    Hey, can your mom talk to that Rabbi for me too? Kinda freaky, but it would be great to know what he thinks of our baby and relationship! LOL

    Hope all is well otherwise!

  2. K J and the kids

    You are taking childrens flinstone vitamins ? That is hilarious.

    I LOVE the name Soleil. I wish there was an equally cool name that meant moon for the boy.

    Good luck in the up coming week.

  3. Chas

    My husband takes children’s vitamins, lol.

    I love the name Soleil; I think I told you that before. Plus, I loved Punky Brewster, so that makes it even more cool.


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