Suddely Monday

OK I just had to laugh!

I have been at work now for 2 hours (not including one hour commute via subway). You would think that I would notice that I had a curler wedged in the front part of my bra… but I didn’t. Wow, this pregnancy thing is making me very absent minded!

Imagine my surprise as I sit by my computer and pull out a curler with it’s pin- from my bra! Seriously that’s funny!

I had a nice weekend. On Saturday I went to a co-workers BBQ. I had never been to her home before and it was nice to see some people that I work with outside of the company setting. My hubby came along and we had a nice time. Since she lives by an ikea (which we don’t) we decided to stop by and get two more floor lamps for our apt (our apt is on a strange corner so we don’t get too much sunlight – you can imagine our electricity bills -$180 this month!). But of course, you can never just buy one thing at ikea. So I bought 4 large 13 gallon plastic storage boxes with lids. I needed them so badly! My closet is overflowing with clothing. I have clothes that are now way too small bec of the ivf and pg naturally, and large clothes from my “larger days” that are still good and may be useful once I give birth. I could not see my closet floor. Now I packed away all the clothes in their appropriate boxes and my closet finally looks great! Very exciting- it’s the little things in life!

Oh- and last week my husband decided he wanted to try and quit smoking. YEAHY!!!!! You have no idea how happy I am. No idea.

My dear husband has been smoking since he was 13 years old. The funny thing is, the first time I ever tried a cigarette I was 13 years old- and he gave me one! I did this to look cool in front of him at the time because I was so crushing on him. Thank GD I never developed a habit. I hate smoke and being around smokers. Of course, then I married one. I have tried talking to him about it but he has always said he would quit when he wanted to. Then I got pregnant and he still smoked- but rarely around me or in the house.

Last week he went to the dentist and the man scared him by saying that since my husband has gum disease, the smoking will only make it worse and he will lose ALL his teeth soon and much of his gums and will not be able to get dental implants if he wanted to! The man is only 27!

So I told him he should consider quitting and that I would run and buy him the patch (he tried it a year and a half ago and managed to only stop for 4 weeks only to restart again). He agreed- much to my surprise!

So it’s day 6 and he says its not too bad for him. He’s been chewing a lot of sugar free gum and although it is hard, he knows its worth it. I mean what will ever motivate him to stop smoking if it wont be the birth of our two babies? I really hope this lasts. Truly.

I also think Ive been so stressed about him GD forbid getting lung cancer because I just lost someone so important to me to cancer. Speaking of which my mother just got back from Israel yesterday morning (after being there for my grandmother’s funeral and passing). She brought back a few of my grandmother’s things for me. Although my grandmother’s heirlooms are still locked away ( my grandfather refuses to part with her items now) my mother and aunts took some of the items from her purse. My mother gave me a hand cream that my grandmother had that smelled like her, and her pocket mirror. I read an article that the community newspaper wrote about her and could not stop crying. Everyone loved her. And although I know that she is in a better place it still hurts to know that when I visit my grandparent’s home…. it will be empty… without her sense of humor and motherly care.

Anyway, my mother has confirmed (more or less) that she will be taking care of my babies when I return to work (GD willing). This is so exciting for me- now I can rest easy!

Other than that, all is well- but still trying to find a boy’s name. I don’t have one. This is getting realllllllllllly frustrating!


2 thoughts on “Suddely Monday

  1. Chas

    Yay for you husband quitting smoking! My parents were both smokers when I was a kid, and it gave me such a huge disgust for it that I have never tried it once in my entire life. They both quit on and off, but I think they’ve both kicked the habit for good, finally. Of course, they haven’t smoked in my presence in YEARS b/c I simply will not tolerate it. I made it very clear before Lila was born that she would not stay at their house until it was 100% smoke free. That must have been the motivation they needed. Anyway, I hope that your hubbie can make it a permanent thing this time!!

  2. K J and the kids

    That is GREAT. Have him try accupuncture. It worked for me.
    Well it works anytime I’m not
    d-runk. I always have a drag or 25 when I’ve been drinking too much. 🙂

    Good news about your mom too.
    Things are falling in to place nicely.


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