Happy Friday!

So a few days ago I received an email to my yahoo account. The email was in Hebrew but I did not know the person, and it didn’t seem like it was addressed to me. I didn’t think it was a random coincidence, so I sent this person an email saying that he must have gotten the wrong email address. Now the thing is, my email address is pretty much my name (first than maiden last). He sent me an email back saying that there was another person with the same exact name as me but he forgot to type in the underscore between the first and last names.
I know that many pple in this world have the same name, but my name is very uncommon. I know for a fact that there is no one else in the US with my name (first and last).When I was 16 I lived in Israel for a year. My cousin who is a real computer genius had some sort of government software and could find things out about you by your name. So he typed in my name, and it seems as though there were two of me (me and another person with my name: first and last).. so I knew then that there was someone with the same name as me living in Israel.
Anyway, long story short- we even have the same email address except mine doesn’t have the underscore! So I forwarded the original email over to her explaining the situation and pretty much telling her that it was funny that we had the same name. Its been 3 days and Maya has not responded! I feel hurt, after all we share the same exact name (even same spelling in both Hebrew and English). I mean, I wonder how different our lives are or how similar they are because of our names. I would love to actually have some sort of communication with her. I wonder if she’s ignoring me and has no interest or just hasn’t checked her email yet.
I’m crazy, I know….
On another note, my father-in-law rocks!

I have always had a good relationship with the man. I mean I’ve known him since I was a little girl. When me and hubby started dating his dad was so great to me. My husband said that it was the first time his dad had actually liked one of his girlfriends as he disliked the two serious ones before me. It felt good to know that he knew I was the right one for his son (even though that meant that I would move him out of the country and away from his family). Anyway, in short- I love the man. He is a powerhouse.
He married his high school sweetheart (my m-i-l), had three kids with her and then she was killed in a car accident when he was 35. He had three kids to raise alone and it was tough. At first he made mistakes, he sent his two eldest sons (10, 12- hubby included) to boarding school and his 2 year old daughter lived with his mother (in the house below his). I guess he was just overwhelmed and wanted his kids to have some sort of structure. Anyway, he made amends, and his kids all grew up amazingly (even though hubby and brother had issues with school- both dropping out of h.s- they ended up going back to school- my husband in college as we speak ). His daughter is now almost 20, and she is the love of his life. He takes care of her like no other. He takes care of all his children and all of his siblings as well. He remarried to a woman who is by far a Dodo bird. She encompasses every aspect of the word. They had a daughter together, who is now 13.
Anyway, my f-i-l had a stroke 3 years ago. The day it happened I was in Israel and I was about to get on a flight to the US to have my second surgery to remove my right ovary/ cyst. It all kind of happened in one day and it was so overwhelming. No one knew if he was going to make it. The man prevailed. The left side of his body was thankfully NOT paralyzed and the only real effect of the stroke is his speech. Its not that he slurs, he pretty much says the wrong words for things (although in his mind he wants to say coffee- it doesn’t come out that way, he could say door) and when he says the wrong word he laughs. He laughs and makes those around him laugh.
So my mom called me today (she was in Israel for her mothers funeral etc… and is leaving tomorrow) and said that my father-in-law dropped by. He had given her an envelope to give to us. In it- $10,000.
Now you must understand something, 10g’s might not sound like a lot to some people, but the dollar in Israel is very different. People there make roughly 1-2 thousand dollars a month, rent is cheaper, but it would take them a long time to make that amount. The man does not work- he is on disability but he was smart enough before it happened to own his home, own some real estate (which he lets his brothers live in rent free) and had savings. So just the fact that other than the disability money, he has no other money actually coming in is crazy. He knew that we had some credit card debt (roughly $10,000) and wanted to close that for us so that we could prepare for our little arrivals.
We will def not make the same mistakes with our credit now. We will only use them in emergencies. I don’t want to live my life with debt. I know everyone has some, but credit card debt is unnecessary. Enough I have about $10,000 more in student loans- but that’s justified and wont ruin my life (like credit can).
Anyway, having people like him and so many other family members who are amazing, living so far away is just so hard on us. I am thankful for such amazing people in our lives.

4 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. nailgirl

    Thats alot of money to me too! Holy shit! My mil passed away a few years ago and my fil got tons of money from the ins co. Did he share any with his children? Hell no he is stingy. So kudos to you.

  2. K J and the kids

    10 thou. Seriously. 20 bucks and I would be feeling good.
    If I found a dollar in a winter coat I’d be happy. That is very generous.

  3. Kirsten

    That is SO awesome. And what a wonderful feeling to pay off your credit debt. We are working on doing the same thing. That’s been our “albatross” for a few years now and once we’ve got those monthly payments gone, we will breathe a lot easier as I am sure you guys will, too. What a special man!


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