The Carnival is Coming to Town!

Sometimes I love working for a giant company.
Today we got an email at 10am that there would be a carnival on one of our floors starting at 11:30am. So me and a friend went downstairs early. They had hot dogs, cotton candy, games, caricature artists, and a fortune teller! HR does this from time to time for moral. It was fun.
First I got a caricature done. It was cute. He made me pregnant and spelt my name wrong.
Then I went to the tarot reader.. you know how much I love that stuff. She told me to choose a card. I chose the high priestess card and she said that meant I have psychic intuitiveness (which was right)… she spoke about my husband finding a job right after school, that the babies will be ok and healthy, and said that I am a great communicator and that I could be a good teacher (well, we all know I love to talk).
Anyway, I asked her if she knew what the sexes were. She said she doesn’t like answering that kind of stuff. I told her I felt it was one of each and she agreed. So, we’ll see….
I ate a beef hot dog which is NOT like me. I don’t eat beef. I smelt the hot dogs all around and just couldn’t resists. A pregnant woman always needs to eat what she craves or the baby will have a birthmark of that shape. I am living proof – with my huge falafel pita sandwich on my tummy (that my mom craved when she was pg with me- don’t ask).
My child as a hot dog:


3 thoughts on “The Carnival is Coming to Town!

  1. Chas

    Aww..what a cute keepsake…a pregnant caricature. I wish I was at the carnival right now…so bored on the couch!

  2. K J and the kids

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    THAT is one I’ve NEVER heard before.
    I am so proud of you for eating that hotdog. You know, for the babies sake. 🙂 ha ha

    I wish we could have seen the caricature with the mispell.

  3. Kirsten

    That costume is hilarious!! I can’t resist carnival/ball game/fair hot dogs…there is just something different about them and I am not a hot dog person!!
    Sounds like a fun day at work 🙂


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