Hump Day


When will all these worries end?

I just read Stacie’s Blog and she is going through a hard time right now, not knowing if her twins are ok or not until she gets her amnio results back on Monday.

I don’t get it sometimes. We go through SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much to get pg, and the worrying just never ends. It never will- will it?

Please send her some love and support.

I don’t have too much going on right now. Life is pretty much the same…

Subway update:

I have been 3 for 3 this week: Mon- Wed people have offered me their seats on the subway, and most of the time they are men. Women just look at you and ignore. I mean, wouldn’t you think that it would be the other way around? Don’t these women remember being pregnant?

Media News:

In other news, Nicole Richie is pregnant, which means we are due at the same time. It’s funny how it “wasn’t planned”. Now she will be a pregnant woman in jail. These celeb kids need to learn. I hope she eats enough for that baby.

Should I wait?

I feel as though waiting another 8 days to see my babies and getting checked on is torture! It will be over 4 weeks since my last appointment. My appt is for 8/9 when my doctor is in and when my favorite sono lady is there :she is sweet and more thorough (than her bitchy counterpart) and will take her time finding out what the sexes are. So that’s a winning combination right there. Maybe worth the wait…. we’ll see. I am so impatient especially reading other’s blogs and worrying that I need to be checked asap.


2 thoughts on “Hump Day

  1. K J and the kids

    Can’t wait to find out the results of the sexes. I know you already know that they are a boy and girl. It will just be confirmation.

    I sure hope Stacies babies are ok.

    Glad that people are giving up their seats. As they should.

    Oh…and NO, the worrying NEVER ENDS !


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