Keep On Truckin’

Another Monday.

Seems as though the weeks have been flying by since this pregnancy started. I love that!
On Friday I went to see the Simp.sons Movie. Apparently so did the rest of the world. We got there an hour prior to the start time to get good seats- there were hoards of people. It’s also a time when parents take their young kids to see films. The audience was packed with children screaming. As we took our seats I saw a little girl coming down the isle above ours and I told my husband she looked like trouble. Boy was she ever! She would not stop talking throughout the film and kept kicking my husband’s seat (he was too embarrassed to say anything to her- so I did in a polite way and then she stopped). She was cute. I knew she was trouble though because she reminded me of me when I was a child. Loud and in charge!
As I sat there with all the screaming children who were ruining my film experience I wondered to myself if I will ever gain patience with children.. I love them so much but my patience is limited. I hope that once I am surrounded by kids 24-7 that will change and I will be in mommy-mode and tune out everything and everyone. My husband on the other hand has massive amounts of patience with kids. I sometimes see him with his 5 year old nephew and he can play with him for hours! I seriously am in awe of this. At least we are both aware of our strengths and weaknesses- and I know that he will be the one that the kids will play with most of the time and because of this they will probably adore him more than me. I will be the more straight-laced parent. And I am ok with that because I will be the more creative parent that will do things with them that my husband wont.
As I am writing this I want to take a nose -dive into my keyboard. I am just so exhausted! I mean I slept for 7 hours last night but no amount of sleep shakes this tiredness I feel. I also have a bunch of headaches all the time. I guess this is completely normal for my first pg and seeing as though I am growing two little people inside of me- who knew it would take so much out of me?
My next doctor’s appointment is next Thursday- it’s so far away! I wish I could go this week but a part of me wants to wait until next week because my chances of knowing the sexes will be better at 17 weeks.

Also I have been thinking a lot about names lately. I have NO boys names. None. Me and hubby cant agree on one. I need a name that will work in the US and in Israel since we are most definitely going to be moving there once my husband finishes his degree. The names cant have an “R” in them…. so we are pretty clueless. We have a girl’s name all picked out. One that I had lobbied for since the beginning of this marriage- after much persuading , the husband is on board. Yeahy!

But again, this whole boy name thing has got us side-tracked. My mom is returning from Israel on Sunday and said that she had bought us a baby name book. I hope it’s a good one because I am for once in my life clueless. Gosh- what if Im having two boys? Then I’m in real trouble!

If I am going to have a boy/girl combo I will fool everyone and say that I am going to name them Brenda & Brandon. That should produce a few shocked faces and will get a laugh out of me.


10 thoughts on “Keep On Truckin’

  1. K J and the kids

    PLEASE don’t name them Brenda and Brandon. 🙂 Why not Mary and Larry !

    You will have patience for your kids. You will also gain an appreciation for parents who have misbehaving children.

  2. ECand3

    HOLY SH*T. I am watching BH90210 as we speak! I never watched it at this time, just happened on it b/c the wins are napping. Must mean something.
    KJ is right – do NOT name them Brenda and Brandon, please!
    As for the patience. I never had any until I had my own. It’s because I always thought most parents did a bad job of raising their children, but usually when they misbehave, it is a totally innocent thing and they just didn’t realize they were being bad. And the ones who are just need to be asked to stop – by a stranger – and they usually do.

  3. ECand3

    How about Sampson and Delilah? If I could go back and name my twins again, I’d give them those names.

  4. Chas

    Hehe…Brenda and Brandon…yeah right. I LOVED that show! Moreso after Brenda hit the road though ;).

    Choosing names is so hard. I would offer some of my favorite names, but I really have NO CLUE what would work in Israel. I figure any name works in the US now. It’s cool to name your kid something weird here. You should have seen all the strange names in my roll book….Trammell, Shaazan, Diamond, Princess….oh my gosh. One name I must throw out there and tell you to please NOT name your second girl if it ends up being two girls…Shlomit. I knew a girl from Israel in college; she was my technical writing parnter and she was from Israel. Her name was Shlomit, and when she said it it sounded like she was saying “Slow Meat”…I hated her name…but she was so sweet :).


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