Clothes Shopping, Anniversary and More

I think I just bought the entire Motherhood Store.
I decided to go shopping today since I have NO clothes. I came to this realization after looking at my king sized bed covered in a clothing explosion. Every morning I take out clothes from my dresser or closet and try them on to see if they still fit. They don’t. Nothing. After giving up this morning I started surfing the web at work and came across the motherhood website that said SALE!
There’s a store near my job so I took my lunch break and went. I had never been there before- the store is awesome. It was a combo of destination maternity/ pea in a pod/ motherhood/ Maternity Spa. I only had an hour and I was going to make it work. So I started grabbing everything in sight- I felt like I was on supermarket sweep. Everything was on sale!
Of course I grabbed all the shirts in a medium when in reality I am now a large. I am only 3.5 months pg! The larges still have more room to grow. Who knows how long I will fit into them.
The store was unbelievable. The saleswomen were great they asked me if I wanted water or juice… and brought over bottles- they were so attentive. There was even an area for husband’s with flat screens all programmed to the sports network! How insane? I think they realize that no pregnant woman likes to clothes shop (even the most die hard clothes horse… like I was pre- pg) so they want to make the environment as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.
Anyway I bought all the shirts in Larges. So get this: I bought 15 items, including a good bra (finally) and guess how much I spent? $201.00…. How great is that? I am really happy about this purchase.. but even more so I am happy that I don’t have to shop again for a long time… well, I hope not anyway.
And so I am back at work and relaxed that this clothing fiasco is behind me. The salesgirl must have thought I was crazy because I was rushing and trying everything on in lightning speed (I did only have an hour). When I tried on the bra she wanted to check the back and she was about to touch me and I yelled ” I wouldn’t touch me if I were you, I am all sweaty”! Poor girl.
On a side note.. it’s my anniversary today.
5 years ago me and my husband fell in love… at the same time. It’s not a marital anniversary even though that’s what’s usually celebrated.. we hold this anniversary to be bigger.
I’ll just give you the recap. We knew each other for years (since our parents were friend’s prior to our births), I had a huge crush on my husband forever and although he knew he chose to ignore it since he didn’t like me…. Fast forward to spring of 2002. Since my man was living in Israel we met up while I was visiting for my two week spring break vacation. We clicked, we kissed, it was nice. I went home thinking that we had a deep connection and felt that it needed to be explored but alas, I had to return to school. I bought a ticket to return to Israel that summer. Within a week of my being there.. we were living together.
One night during that week we just looked at one another and this deep strange feeling came over us… it was like the exact moment we fell in love. I started crying and didn’t say a word, and he knew why! I had fallen for him, but it would never work because he lived in one country and I in another. He fell for me that moment as well on July 24th….
So long story short, we all know how the story turns out… but today is our anniversary. My husband is not a big celebrator of anniversaries and bdays but he said he did something… we’ll see. But of course no gift is as great as these two little people growing inside of me.
**UPDATE: Sweet husband sent me flowers.. albeit they are the ugliest arrangement that I have ever seen… but its the thought that counts!***

5 thoughts on “Clothes Shopping, Anniversary and More

  1. K J and the kids

    That store sounds AMAZING.
    I HATED shopping for maternity cloths. They were either the affordable and ugly cloths or they didn’t fit. I SWEAR…cloths at Gap Maternity and Old Navy Maternity wouldn’t fit me near the end. Motherhood cloths weren’t very cute. I don’t understand why they can’t just make NORMAL cloths for pregnant people. WHY the draw strings around the middle.
    I hope you bought a bella band. It was my saving grace. It was the ONLY thing that helped me cover my enormous belly at the end.

    Happy Anniversary. What a GREAT story.

  2. Chas

    Motherhood was not my friend during pregnancy; everything they sell was too short for me. I had to buy all my pants in a LONG length at

  3. Kirsten

    I live in Houston and we don’t have a store that awesome!! I did some major damage at Motherhood but that store sounds great…and 15 items for $200 is quite a steal! I think it was a wise choice to go ahead and get all of that now though. By the time I was 32 weeks with my girls, it was all I could do to find a shirt that would cover my entire belly and hang low enough to cover the waistband/panel of my bottoms. I can’t imagine how big I would have been if I made it to 37 weeks but it would have been fun to see…oh well!!
    And happy anniversary 🙂 That is such a sweet story, especially the part about the moment you guys knew it was love. How wonderful. And very good of him to send flowers (but I had to laugh at your comment!!!)
    BTW…Ann Taylor now has a maternity line…


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