Event filled day bonanza!

I am exhausted!
Yesterday was one of the longest days of my life- at least it felt that way!
I awoke at 7am (yes, on a Sunday) and by 9am was by my hairdresser’s. Since I had a wedding I decided to do a little something special with my hair. Usually I just ask them to blow dry it straight but this time I asked him to straighten it and curl the bottom. Bad idea. I guess that’s not his forte. I ended up looking like a mix between Phil Spector and a poodle:

I didn’t have time to wait while he fixed it so I got up, jolted to my car and called my husband frantically telling him to plug in my curling iron (after all it was already 10am and the wedding was at 11:30am- an hour’s drive away). The humidity of the day made my hair worse, and I ran upstairs and started curling my hair.

I did a better job than he did, that’s for damn sure.

I had nothing to wear, but I managed to pull together an outfit. It’s strange gaining so much weight. It’s like I have so many clothes but I cant wear any of them!

We got to the wedding about an hour late (12:30). We came in just in time to see them say their “I do’s”. My husband and I started laughing as the DJ played their outro :It was our intro song- the song we both came down the aisle to at our wedding: Enya’s Caribbean Blue!

If we thought that was random- imagine how we felt when their first dance/ song was ours as well? Bryan Adam’s Heaven? We looked at one another and couldn’t believe that our wedding soundtrack was so similar (mind you they weren’t at our wedding since we were married in Israel-plus she never saw the DVD so she doesn’t know what our song choices were)!

Me and hubby danced to the second slow song- and then he looks over to me and says “I think this is the first time our babies are dancing”. It was so cute.

The wedding was nice.. very American. When I say American I mean( not to offend you all) but “most”American weddings are a bit cold. I say this with much love and respect. I married in Israel and it was insane! People were dancing up a storm, singing, laughing, drinking,sweating until the cows came home. I had about 400 people at my wedding so its strange to see weddings that have 150 people. My wedding kicked ass (kind of like my bog fat Greek wedding). It did (until my cousin ruined it by almost punching me in the face for asking him to leave my wedding- I caught him and his gf having sex on my veil).


The food left much to the imagination and I was starving. I almost ate a whole loaf of bread.

We bolted by 3:30pm and got on the road. Next up: My cousin’s son’s circumcision. Like I have mentioned before, he and his wife had twins last week: a boy and a girl, also a product of IVF.

Apparently they had growth problems and on top of that came out at 35 1/2 weeks. They circumcised the boy while the girl stayed home because she is still too small to be out.

I started talking to his wife and she said it took her three failed ivf attempts to have the twins. She’s a bit uptight though. I wanted to caress the baby’s hand and she said “No touching- he’s still too small”. I mean what’s that about? If he was still “too small” they wouldn’t be circumcising him now. I thought that was a little rude of her.

The food there was a lot better.

By the end of the day, my feet were absolutely killing me. I just wanted to rest and put them up.

I don’t have any pictures but a Friend at the wedding took one or two that he should be sending me soon.

My friend’s boyfriend, who I had only met for the first time at the wedding said that I was the only sexy pregnant woman he had ever met (he’s gay- so I take that as a compliment).

Me sexy? I felt like the good year blimp! He said he doesn’t hand out compliments very often so I should appreciate it. He then told my husband he was very lucky because I am beautiful.

I never hear that- but suddenly I am hearing it right and left since my pregnancy- just when I feel the most unattractive? I guess now is the time to hear it if any.

I just feel so bloated and can be rolled down a hill easily:

So that was pretty much it- I was out like a light by 10pm…. which is actually pretty late for me these days. I hear so much about getting your second wind during your second trimester but I have yet to see that happen.


4 thoughts on “Event filled day bonanza!

  1. nailgirl

    I was told time and time agsin how great I looked during my pregnancies.I am sure you looked great and cant wait to see pics.

  2. Chas

    Wow, what a busy day! People really do like to hand out the compliments to pregnant ladies, huh…I miss that! You were very beautiful before too!!! Believe me, your energy will pay you a visit very soon…it WILL come!

  3. K J and the kids

    Sounds like a GREAT weekend. Sorry about the hair nightmare…sounds like you pulled it off 🙂
    I can’t wait to see pictures.

  4. topcat

    Has anyone ever told you you look EXACTLY like Phil Spector?
    Just jokes GG – aint no denying your hotness!!

    Thank you so much for your Simpsons photos – I showed them to my stepdaughter, who LOVES the Simpsons. I scored Brownie Points big time.

    Hey – the Gemini family of four are welcome to come stay Down Under Here anytime. We have a studio flat above our garage for our guests, which fucken ROCKS!! So tell hubbie!

    ps Have I ever told you that if I could pick any city in the world to visit it would be New York?!
    pps Manhandling chicks RULE


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