My Husband

I admire my husband.

-He is strong willed.

-He is sensitive- but no one knows that but me.

-He has lost so many people that he’s loved in his life to death (illness, accidents), and because of it appreciates who he still has.

-He never wants help from anyone and relays on no one but himself.

-He seems serious on the outside, but those we truly know him know that he is a huge goofball.

-He is determined to make something of his life regardless of the fact that life has dealt him lemons.

-He will get up at any hour of the night to help a friend in need (something I wish I could do).

-He will always lend a helping hand.

-He tries to cook at times but seeing as though he is a perfectionist, it takes him hours to get a meal prepared.

-He takes out the garbage.

-He cleans the tub.

-He always has a way of looking at life from a realistic point of view (something I don’t do as well)

-He has now developed a little gut and when I rub his belly he says “My sandwich baby is in there”

-He hates muffins. If I place cake batter into muffin/cupcake tins he wont eat it. If its in cake form he will.

-He has always supported his wife in everything that she’s wanted to do (except shop)

-He left the comfort of his country to be with his love an ocean away.

-He has traveled the world and has educated himself.

-He is now in college at the age of 27- starting his education from scratch.

-He will no doubt be a father that I admire (I always wanted my own father to be the way I KNOW he will be with our children).

-He smiled from his heart when we both saw the first sono that had our two little miracles on the screen.

-He is a handy man- he can fix just about anything.

-He smiles from his soul.

-He loves off-road motorcycles (much to his wife’s dismay)

-He is liked by everyone he meets.

-He is loved by his wife.


2 thoughts on “My Husband

  1. K J and the kids

    How sweet are you ?
    That was the nicest post.
    Is it his birthday ?

    I’m so glad that you are married to such a nice guy. Hell, I want to marry him after that post 😉


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