Google Game

“Maya Needs”

This is a fun game: Google your name and ‘needs’ and then post the results.
This is what I got:

1.Maya is active and will need a person who understands both of her breeds. Truth is I am a mixed breed! I am half Syrian and half Yemenite. Quite the interesting conversation.

2. Maya needs to regularly visit the pediatrician, and occasionally a cardiologist. Haven’t needed to go to the pediatrician in years… more like OBGYN’s.

3. Maya needs work. actually, I am pretty happy with my new job thanks!

4. Maya Needs a good amount of RAM. I wont even comment about that one.

5. Maya needs pictures. I have a lot of pictures but have not developed them in almost 2 years. By the time I develop them, I will have to shell out $500.00

6. MAYA needs to make its financial statements available to the public. I don’t think there’s anything to really see.

7.Maya needs a humongous favor! Unless Bill Gates or Oprah want to give me some money, I don’t need any favors….

Last but not least…… It’s not a ‘Maya needs’ but its hysterical and I don’t know what it means…

8. How to build a beast horn using Maya


4 thoughts on “Google Game

  1. K J and the kids

    That is FUNNY !
    Karen needs to grow up
    Karen needs to compliment her co workers
    Karen needs a lobotomy fund πŸ™‚
    Karen needs a job
    Karen needs more CS training
    Karen needs some gin
    Karen needs some special rehab therapy
    and last but DEFINITELY not least
    Karen needs a man πŸ™‚ ha ha ha

  2. Nearlydawn

    I like number 8 – that is too freaked-out weird!

    Thank you for all of your comments on my blog lately. I’ve been an emotional roller coaster, I know.

    Thanks most of all for being my cheering section. I have really needed it!

  3. Chas

    I did this once, but all it came up with were things about “chastity belts” and the Catholic church..haha…like “even when married CHASTITY NEEDS to be practiced”…yeah right.


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