I am in a bit of a bind.

Not sure what to do.

I have a great apartment that I don’t want to give up. Its huge and the rent is great for our area, and its in a quiet building in a good location.

Problem: Its a one bedroom. We will be adding two more family members soon, and I believe that they should have their own bedroom.

2 bedroom apartments in our area run around a few hundred dollars more than we are paying. We would be able to afford it if my husband was working full time (which he does in the summer) but since he is a full time college student, he works part time when school is in session.

My best friend just purchased a home that she is moving in to in 2 months from now. Her apt will be up for grabs. She has a two bedroom, but the apartment is quite smaller than ours.

Pros of her apt:

*Rent stays the same as what we’re paying

*Kids will have a bedroom

*3 blocks from train station (for my daily subway commute)

*Is on the first floor- meaning I will not be stressed if the children run around (and worry about downstairs neighbors)

*Sunnier than our apt

*Has a washer/dryer and dish washer- we had none of those bec we are on the third floor and they don’t allow it (so we send out our laundry)

*since its first floor hubby can walk outside to smoke (yes, hes a smoker)


*Smaller than our apt

*Husband not crazy about apt set up- ceilings are lower, where bedrooms are positioned…he says he doesn’t like the vibe. I say that when we set things up our way it will be beautiful- my friend tore the place up- so knowing my sense of style, it has potential.

*the bathroom is nasty- tiles, bathtub toilet…. but we could easily fix that (my best friend’s uncle owns the apt)

The alternative to not moving? Staying put and hoping that a two bedroom opens up in our building (super says none available now)- it will still cost more, but the apartment is huge and then we don’t have to move from our great location. The problem is- we are not sure when an apt will open up- if at all.



3 thoughts on “Move

  1. Chas

    Well…my experience is different b/c I live in the suburbs, but maybe I have a little insight. When I was pregnant w/ Lila, we owned a two bedroom townhouse…I figured I didn’t need any more space. I fixed up her nursery w/ crib, changing table, etc. Then we had her and I had her in a port-a-crib next to my bed, which was supposed to be only for a few months. I used the changing table that was on her pack n play to change her diaper when we were in our living room. Basically, the only thing I used her nursery for was to store her clothing. We never went in there to change her diaper, and she didn’t sleep in there. We have since bought a 3 bedroom house, but she still doesn’t sleep in her own room…still right next to my bed. Anyway, I wouldn’t get in a hurry about moving if you don’t have the idea situation. Those babies can room in w/ you and your hubby for a while. They’ll never know they didn’t have a room of their own.

  2. Malky B.

    Not having a washer and drier is super difficult when you have a baby! We also lived in a one bedroom when my daughter was born and didn’t have a w/d. You need to do so much more laundry once you have a baby. Also, for the first few months it’s fine if the babies room with you but after that you might be ready to move them out. We moved our daughter to the living room at 3 months and then it got really hard not to have another room to relax in aside from our bedroom, when she was asleep. We moved to a 2 bedroom when she was 6 months old with a washer/dryer and what a difference it made. I can understand that if your husband doesn’t like the feel of your friends apartment that can be tough. My advice is to try to aggressively look at other 2 bedroom apartments in you area with a washer/dryer hook up and then come to an agreement as to paying more rent for a nicer 2 bedroom or taking your friends apartment.

  3. topcat

    Hey GG – hope you’re doing well. I love your movie!! Good luck with the move/not move situation. Wherever your babies are is where your home is. 🙂


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