Today is my birthday.

Happy Birthday to me!

I am 26 today- still quite a young girl 🙂

It is raining insanely today. The weather is not fun. The hair that I blowdryed yesterday looks a hot mess (always wanted to say that) so I don’t feel particularly pretty today.

On Saturday night I went out with a few friends to a restaurant in NYC for my pre-bday. My two very close friends who have speculated my pg made a point to “unknowingly” share their stares and whispers in front of everyone else. They all got it. Yup, I have some immature friends. My friend’s boyfriend asked if I was going to drink. I said no. He smiled.

That all really aggravated me so my night was kind of shot.
I used to make such a big deal about birthdays. I would let the world know if I could. But now I don’t know that its all that important to me. Of course this has somewhat to do with my hubby. He doesn’t care for birthdays and never truly went out of his way to make the day special for me. This is not to say he’s a bad guy, he just thinks that birthdays are overrated. Him and his siblings are all the same. I know where that stems from.
When my husband was a little boy his mother would go all out on his and his siblings birthdays. She was knows as quite the Martha Stewart of her day. She would have themed bdays for each of the kids, make 7 different types of cakes and make the day all around special.
But when his mother was killed in a car accident when the kids were 12, 10, and 2, birthdays became a thing of the past. Their birthdays were hardly ever celebrated and at a certain point they became used to it. This is why I can forgive my husband for his lack of enthusiasm over the day. It just somewhat hurts because it is important to me.
Yet this year, I am over it. I realize that there are more important things than birthdays. Besides, I think I got the best birthday presents in the world this year- my two munchkins.


7 thoughts on “Birthday

  1. K J and the kids

    Happy Birthday.
    That is HORRIBLE about your husbands mom. I’m sorry.

    I hope you have a great birthday.

  2. Keeping The Faith

    Wanted to say Hi and congrats on the twins… I’m also expecting twins and just had a B-day. We are both very blessed!


  3. Hopeful Mother

    Happy birthday! I must say that birthdays are much better when celebrating with someone (or someones!) in your belly!

    p.s. the nursery wooden letters are from the craft store “Michael’s.”


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