advice: trying not to panic

This morning I went to the restroom and saw some light bleeding (light pink/brownish). Of course this freaked me out. It was very light and has almost completely gone away. I called the IVF nurses right away and they said that there isnt anythign to worry about unless the bleeding becomes heavy and is accompanied by cramping.

Now my June 7th appointment seems so far away!

Last week when I went in for my first sono, my doctor gave me a sheet that said that bleeding is normal. It said that 50% of pg women bleed early in their pregnancy.

I am trying not to be worried, because last month before I had my positive beta, I bled and thought it was all over. Apparently that was implantation bleeding. But now that I know that I am pregnant- no blood should be good right?

Any advice from experienced moms? I’m a bit worried.


2 thoughts on “advice: trying not to panic

  1. K J and the kids

    I don’t remember bleeding, but I’ve heard of several people who did and ended up with healthy happy babies.
    I knew someone who didn’t know she was pregnant because she was having regular periods. She was 6 months along before she knew.
    You’ve seen the heartbeats…that puts you ahead of the rest.
    Relax and put your feet up for a while.
    DRINK !

  2. es

    I read somewhere that unless the blood is bright red and you’re passing blood clots, that you shouldn’t worry. But then again, I’m not a doctor!


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