Week 7

I am getting rounder by the day.

Yesterday I went to my best friend’s house. She just had a baby 2 weeks ago, and has another that turned 1 last month. Yes two children under 1.

She says she’s tired. Of course she is. And with that I see my future!

I asked her so many questions about everything: strollers, diapers, food.

Turns out a newborn goes through 6-8 diapers a day. Double that and times that by a week I should be changing diapers 112 times a week! Believe me I am not complaining. I wake up every day thankful to G-D. Yes, the thought of twins is very overwhelming. But as my friend

Kj& thekids said that at least I will be able to jump into twins without prior knowledge of how much easier one single child can be.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that when people will ask me whether or not twins run in my family I will say no. I don’t need to give them my life story (even though technically my cousin had twins last year).

I just hope they continue to grow and be healthy. Nothing worries me more than my children- and they aren’t even here yet!

Pregnancy Symptoms so far:

-Tummy very large

-Nauseous in the mornings (but no actual throwing up yet)

-Breasts tender and getting large

– Nails are getting stronger and longer (my nails never grow!)

-Bathroom trips are often and I am NOT constipated.

-Tired all the time

-Hungry all the time

All in all not too bad.

I would love some suggestions for my nauseousness. I take the train to and from work every morning and I almost puked today. I drink a lot of seltzer which seems to be working, but I need a better remedy. On Friday when we went in for the sono I asked my doctor of I should be feeling morning sickness, since I hadn’t yet. He said “wait”. I guess I spoke too soon.

I started my new job today and it’s going well. Its very laid back and relaxed and my boss is cool. I am just dreading the day next month when I sit her down and tell her that I am pregnant- I bet she wont see that one coming so soon! But what can I do- I interviewed for the position long before the IVF. I got the job one day before my positive beta- so truthfully there is nothing that can be done. I will need your advice before I muster up the courage next month to talk to her (when I will be in my 2nd trimester G-D willing)
The good thing is, not too many people know me at my new job so I can blend in for now (without sticking out like a sore thumb- they may just think I’m large in my gut area)
So the past few nights have been very hot here in NYC. On Saturday afternoon I slept with my AC on and awoke with back and shoulder pain. It happened again today. My back is caught and my only option to not have this happen is to sleep sans air conditioning. How can I do that? The heat is horrible. I have no idea what to do!
Other than that Im just plugging along for now!


4 thoughts on “Week 7

  1. K J and the kids

    Just you wait. Look at this blog.
    You have to move down to the post before last. This is what you will HOPEFULLY look like at 37 weeks. HUGE ! Wonderful !

    If you are taking prenates…I suggest taking them at night. It helped me.
    EAT ! EAT ! EAT !
    I was STARVING all the time. If I didn’t eat, I would get sick and shakey. My blood sugar level would drop so fast.
    Drink. Drink a TON. It will help with the nausea as well as headaches and everything else.

    I would tell your employer now. Just say it how it is…be upfront and have a plan.
    Make sure to tell them that you are fully committed to your new job….but let them know that you are pregnant with twins and with that comes higher risk for bed rest and early labor.

    I worked just fine and then at 28 weeks at a normal exam they realized that I was dilating. I was on bedrest until 35 1/2 weeks and was induced at 37 1/2 weeks. (can you believe that….weeks of bed rest because they were going to come if I stood up…and then I forced my OB to induce 🙂
    I also planned on going back to work after my daughter. We didn’t have a choice financially.
    After my daughter I went back part time (2 days a week).
    After the boys….I now stay home. 🙂 Financially….you make it….somehow.

    There is no plan. I mean you can have the best intentions, but don’t put anything in stone. Just as a courtesy, I wouldn’t.

  2. K J and the kids

    Your friend didn’t have twins.
    When you get that book it will help a lot.
    Because you haven’t had even a singleton pregnancy to compare this to…you will wonder if it is normal to do certain things.
    This pregnancy is NOTHING like a singleton pregnancy. Don’t let your doctor or anybody else tell you different.
    Take care of you and listen to your body. It will tell you what it needs….even if it’s a cherry slurpee at 11:30 pm 🙂

  3. hotomiky

    kj-you said it all :o)

    congrats!!! I always tell H that I want twin – :o( never happened (thats alright)… My baby brothers (twin) – they are fun!!! You will enjoy twin babies!

  4. es

    You’re exactly a week ahead of me!

    We just found out today that we’re having twins… but the only symptom I’m feeling is breast tenderness. I guess, like your doctor said, “just wait”.

    I said the same thing to my sister-in-law today- that it’s good that we’re having twins first, because I would have nothing to compare it to!

    And… I actually am a twin… so I’m really not sure what to say when people G-d willing will say, “I guess twins run in the family!”


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