Large and In Charge

My stomach is getting larger by the day.

I would definitely be happier about that if I wasn’t trying to hide my pg at work. Now it just looks like I gained a few and need to call 1800-Jenny.

I think once I come out with it (early July when I will be 3 months pg hopefully) then I can embrace the belly and show it off. Until then, I am still trying to squeeze myself into last summer’s clothes- and am failing miserably! I know the reason is not me sitting around and eating Frito’s all day (although I have put on a few pounds since last summer without the whole ivf thing).

On another note, tomorrow is my first sonogram. I am nervous. Very nervous. I just want to know that the pg is in the uterus in its rightful place, and the amount – one or two? They did put in 2 so you never know. I will be happy with whatever G-D gives me.

I will fill you in tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Large and In Charge

  1. Mony

    Ohh… I love that picture. That is exactly how I love to see a pregnant belly. I am wearing my belly belt today. Have you seen them? I feel chunky too! Just can’t wait for the belly to pop. Enjoy your ultrasound tomorrow.

  2. Nearlydawn

    I am so excited for you! Hope your first US goes extremely well, and you get all the wonderful news your heart has ever desired!


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