8 Things About Me

OK, I’ve been tagged again by topcat. This is getting too hard for me with my pregnancy brain and all, but I’ll try anyway:
1. I can draw. I have cartoons/ comic books that I have created and have been doing since I was in the 7th grade. One day in school I was talking too much and as a punishment my teacher decided to send me to the 6th grade for one day. I was a renegade. So I took some pen and paper and began to draw. That was the day I created my characters.
2. I like oranges but cant stand anything orange flavored.
3. OK all, this is a doozy. My cousin was my husband’s best friend. They grew up together and were “boys”. For some strange reason, my cousin didn’t like it when me and his best friend got together, and started acting very passive-aggressive towards me. All hell broke loose when I walked into my bridal suite on my wedding day (mid wedding mind you) to change into my second dress of the evening. There he was, my cousin, doing something unholy to his girlfriend on my veil! Yes. On my veil. I asked him to leave my wedding and proceeded to go call my husband and tell him the news. As we approached my drunken cousin, he asked his girlfriend to tell his mom that they were leaving. I looked at his girlfriend and said “Yeah, leave.” (no cursing even though I did have the right to).
Apparently my cousin did not like my tone of voice so he started yelling profanities at me, and came at me swinging. Yes. On my wedding day.
My husband saw this and ran over to his now former best friend and grabbed him. A fight ensued, and my cousin was kicked out. Needless to say, we haven’t heard from him since.

4. No matter how old I get, I still love my first boy band- Take That and go crazy when I see them on TV. They made a big come back last year, and I was rooting for them. I still want to have the lead singer’s baby (gary barlow) although we would need to go through ivf to have that happen.

5. I got a better version of my granny’s hair- and that’s not saying much. She has an Afro. The thing is, she is a small white Jewish woman- so in reality she shouldn’t have one. My mother, father and brother all have straight hair. I DONT. I have very hard to manage curly hair which I have to have professionally blow dried once a week. Unfortunately my husband has similar hair to my grandmother. ALL his siblings have straight hair. HE DOSNT. Which means our children will come out AFRO first.

6. I love blogging, but am afraid that people at work will read it and know it’s me.
7. As a teen I had 3 earring holes on my right ear. One day when I was 16, I was at the mall with said cousin, future husband, and future husband’s girlfriend. I wanted to be cool and get attention so I got a 4th hole on the same ear. No one payed attention.
8. I feel as though my mother-in-law is taking care of us from above. She was one of the good ones that died early (35) and I feel her karma with me many times. Sometimes things work out for me and my husband that just plainly shouldn’t. We know why they do.
After the transfer I layed on my back and after praying to G-D, I spoke to my m-i-l ( in my heart of course) and asked her to help us with the ivf. I feel as though she listened and is taking care of my unborn child as we speak.

That’s it!


One thought on “8 Things About Me

  1. topcat

    Oh Gemini Girl – your ivf scenario with Gary Barlow CRACKED me up. As did the afro situation.

    Hope you doin well.



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