I am angry today.

My old boss (the position I am about to leave) asked me how she should handle the situation (if it were to arise) if my new boss gives her a call and asks her whether or not she was aware that I was pg before I got the new job. How rude! She tried to get the information out of me!

First of all, I have not confirmed my pg to my old boss. She knows that I had to undergo IVF, because of the days that I was missing, and she knew I had problems conceiving. But since the news broke on Friday, I have not told her. I choose not to. I don’t want to go around screaming it on the rooftops yet. This is private for me now.

And secondly, why would it come up? I will not be telling my new boss until I am at least 3 months along. Besides, I interviewed for the new position months before the pg, so just because I chose to do IVF does that make me any different than someone that it accidentally happened to? I also got my BTP the day *after* I got the job.

I told my boss that it shouldn’t come up at all because I will only discuss it in the future with my new boss if the situation arises. I had then went on to say that all the IVF information that I had told her was off the record ( and she knew that from the start!). She said she was just wondering and she didn’t know if I was going to tell my new boss from the start about the pg. I told her to say that she knows nothing (which she doesn’t- nothing was confirmed) and that it should never be mentioned- at all.

I got so mad!

Why is she trying to ruin this for me? I need this job. I need the money.

And truthfully, it is no longer her business.


2 thoughts on “!!!!!!!!!@#!@####!!!!!!!!!

  1. Stacie

    Maybe having this information makes her feel important. Some people just get off on stuff like that. She could have brought it up to get you to confirm being pg, too. You haven’t said, so this was her attempt to get you to “confess” to her. Whatever the case, I’m glad you’re leaving that job and going elsewhere!


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