Tummy hoits

I seem to be blogging a lot lately. I have a lot of time on my hands at work.

I have realized something interesting. Every time I eat, I start getting cramps and need to use the restroom. It is not fun. It makes me feel like not eating, but I love food too much. At least it will deter me from snacking. But running to the restroom a few times a day and staying in there for 20 minutes is not fun. At all. I hate being in there and others coming in. I wish I had my own private toilet at work. Especially during this pregnancy.
My body is not controlled by me, so it is rather difficult squatting in there and not making a sound. How could I not? My body is out of whack.
I know that this is an yucky subject since some people are squeamish about bodily functions.
My brother is one of those people.
First of all, he has OCD.
When he was a baby, he would hide behind doors if he made in his diapers. When my mother would search for him and not find him around, she knew where to look. When she would ask him why he was hiding he would answer “I made a package”.
He hated himself for that. So, as he got older, he never quite appreciated a good fart joke.
me on the other hand, nothing grosses me out .
How lady-like of me.

One thought on “Tummy hoits

  1. Mony

    Congratulations! You must be very excited! Your Beta’s are sounding wonderful…..Take Care of you & your BABY!


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