Friend’s Baby

So as I have stated in my previous post, my best friend Franny had a baby girl on Friday morning. This is the day that I got my news.
On Friday night after work, I went into a children’s store to pick up a few gifts for the new baby with my husband, and I was not sad.
For once in my life, I was in the baby section and was excited. I could be shopping here in a few months from now.
I say *could* because you never know what will happen. I am trying to stay positive, but the first trimester is the danger zone. I was reading a book on pregnancy ( which I rushed out and purchased once I got the good news) that said that 85% of pregnancies end in a child being born. That’s a pretty good percentage if you ask me. I know there is still that 25% to worry about, but the book put it in a nice way.
It said, ” Would you play the lotto if you knew you had an 85% chance of winning”?
So here I am playing the “lotto”.
Saturday night I went to visit said friend in the maternity ward. She had her tiny child in her arms. She asked if I wanted to hold her.
I have not held a newborn in years.
I felt privileged.
As I held her, I looked at my husband ( who was also there), and said to him “could you believe this will be us in a few months G-D willing”?
These tiny things are miracles.
They are so pure.
They are the closest thing to G-D.

2 thoughts on “Friend’s Baby

  1. Becks

    Just caught up with the weekends events…WOW!!!! Congratulations Maya, I am genuinely thrilled for you.


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